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1000HILLS Nursery Testing

1000Hills Nursery

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We ran 2 crosses this season. They were chopped down a couple of weeks ago and dried. We have a few of each cross a couple weeks into veg.

Thought we would share this little test with 420sa. 



Busting open these buds and I'm reminded of why we chose these gals for the breeding run...

🍰🍭🍬 🍇🍏



Let the hunt begin... 





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Want to become a tester for 1000Hills Nursery.
Follow our work.
Like what we do and you will get 1st digs at everything that passes preliminary testing.
Stay blessed and see you again when we see some roots
The plan is coming together nicely.
Your selection criteria is solid and your GG cut delivered beautifully.
Sign me up for some testing here in the land of the Zulus.

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Nice one brother, pulling up a chair for this one :-rolled

On 4/14/2020 at 12:31 AM, Mambawana said:

24 hours in water and then into some roller towel they go and back in the plastic bags.


Roughly 36hrs later



Awesome picture! :-greenthumb

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