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3 out of 3 Seeds of the Cannabist Grandaddy Purple Fast Fem germinated in Jiffy pellets that I buffer myself as well. I have had 100% success rate with this method:

I am no pro but it works for me so maybe someone might benefit from this.. 

Soak Jiffy Pellets in Buffering solution(50g Calmag salt in 20l water) for 12 hours. 

Press out most of the solution without breaking the lining. 

Rinse with tap water and press out excess water. 

Make a nutrient solution as per specifications and soak the pellets for a few minutes.  (I used Vitalink Coco Max SW A+B @ half a ml to 1l water each PHed to 6.2)

Press out most of the water and fluff up the peat inside the lining. 

Carefully place the seeds about 1cm into the pellet, place in a warm dark place until first sign of germination. If the peat dries out before the first sign of germination, use the nutrient solution above to moisten the pellet. (Note that if the pellet is too wet, your seedling might die due to 'dampening-off') 

Move under a 18/6 light cycle. (I use a 250W MH) 


Note: If you are unsure of the wet/dryness of your pellet, practice on some bagseeds until you find the sweet-spot. 

I grow in 100% Washed and Buffered Coco Coir.

(I might do a tutorial on this in future as I think that Coco is the best grow medium "better than soil" for our plants but people experience issues because it was never properly washed or buffered.) 

Follow along for updates. 

Next: Transplant to Coco in grow bags. 

I have more than 1 Strain growing concurrently but this thread is dedicated to the Local Genetics. 




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After a few days in the Jiffy Pellets some roots started to show. 

Made a hole in the middle of the Fabric Pot filled with Coco Coir and planted the seedling in the washed and Buffered Coco Coir. 

I fed the plant with just about 50ml diluted nutrient solution. 

Within days it should start growing. 




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How to wash and Buffer Coco Properly:

1. Rehydrate the 5kg Coco Brick in a 100l+ tote. Normal, chlorine tap water should be fine. I disinfected the tote with Starsan just to be sure there is no mold or mildew spores that can contaminate the Coco. I invest quite a lot of money and time in my grows, so I will rather be safe than sorry. I will therefor disinfect everything with Stars an before it touches the Coco. I make 1l in a spray bottle and just rinse everything with it.  Note: the sanitizing is optional but advisable. 

2. Make a slurry with the water and Coco. Drain all the rehydrated coco through a strainer. I drilled a few holes in a 10l bucket and is working very well for me. I also take a hose and run water through the Coco in the strainer to make sure I wash off any salts, dust and sand. Transfer the strained Coco to another clean tote. After the first run, you should find a lot of sand in the bottom of the Tote. (Picture attached) 

3. Repeat step 2.

4. Add a calmag buffering solution (50g Calmag Nitrate to 20L water) to the rinsed Coco. Make sure the solution covers all the Coco. It should make a slurry as well like in step 2. Let it stand for 8-12 hours. 

5. Strain and rinse the Coco again and transfer to a clean Tote. 

6. Make a fresh buffering solution, add to the Coco and let it stand for another 8 hours. 

7. Strain the Coco and press out excess water before transferring the Coco into grow pots. 

8. Use Hydroponic nutes phed down to the nutrient specifications. I like to keep my Coco PH between 6.3-6.5.

9. Grow hydroponic product with the forgiveness of soil minus most of the diseases and pests. 





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      Hiroshima by Renegade Seed Co.  6 Pack

      High THC, and according to the product description should deliver "high yields of dense, rock-solid buds."  Hoping to achieve that.
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      For this Season I am firmly in the Local is Lekker corner, and will be running a bunch of @Totemicand some @Bay Seeds sourced a while ago from the Legends at @Cannabist. Thank you all for the great deal and freebies! Very grateful and super keen 🙃

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      I'm not sure what the Sativa/Indica ratio is and the genetics either and I am hoping for Totemic for that answer and maybe a few tips.. 
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