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Getting ahead of ourselves

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Something to definitely look at now. I'd like to form a small "committee" for it. To decide on how we run it etc etc. Those who might be interested let me know. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk

Sounds like a great idea. :-gthumb


I wouldn't mind judging SA best buds. :yipeeee


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We've been talking about a cannabis cup on 420SA since the day of its conception so even though there may be others establishing cannabis cups its not to say they will be the only one's. It will saturate the quality of entries I guess but its worth starting one up and seeing how far it goes


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I would like to get involved to as a  professional in the pharmaceutical industry. I just thought I was going to die when I watched Johan Kruger on SABC and his views on the plant. He had information from the 90's and his opinions were based on that. We need to educate all these oldies on what is really happening out there.


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Admin, we need to make this happen. I wonder what defines private space in terms of venue. Maybe we can host at 420cafe.


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I'm definitely keen to get this established ASAP.


Just so we are on the same page here. As far as I am aware, a cannabis cup is a competition between breeders, seed companies and the like. To find the best locally bred strains out there... not so?

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