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  1. Gnome


    the black market has better prices and better weed
  2. i get my beeswax from a bee keeper nice and raw still has a little bit of honey
  3. Gnome


    i talked to the guy that opened the cannapax he payed 50000 in "paperwork"
  4. @420sake i add my coconut oil, olive oil, cannabis oil and bees wax and heat it up to 40c and wait till all the beeswax melts i heat up my water to 40c and add the msm and mix oil and water wen cooled to about 30c i add the argan and lavender
  5. @highchome I make cream it works amazing I use olive oil coconut oil, beeswax, canabis oil, water, lavender, argan oil and a little bit of msm
  6. i made some vape juice yesterday i used nfused with some dab and it is awesome
  7. this was a friends plant it foxtailed because he thought he coul make it flower faster by putting it into dark for 12 hours but gave up a week in
  8. Gnome


    Its outdoors with seeds its kinda wort that price
  9. Gnome


    So a canapax opened in my town and they are not crazy with prices But I have to say I can't believe that they have a woman who did a traditional healer course and she can give you a "prescription" a bunch of bullshit And the owner said that he spent 50000 to get the "paperwork"
  10. These red worms I had was like a cm long
  11. then it might not have been blood worms but they were blood red and ate my roots
  12. when i used the steeping method i diluted it in water before use
  13. @Bospatrollie2 i work chicken shit into my compost and soil when i make new batches of soil i give my plants seed sprout teas now and it works great
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