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  1. Ok so I got a response and its just a clause IN CASE of delay.. they said most customers receive their goodies between 3 and 5days... Thanks for the speedy response @Biltong and Budz
  2. Hey guys , so I ordered some seeds on Saturday and got an email today saying that delivery may take 7-10 working days.. Why sooooo long ? The reason I ordered from you guys was so that delivery would be swift.. Thanks again
  3. Hey guys , 420 fastbuds https://2fast4buds.com They currently having a summer sale.. what ever you buy they will give you a free pack of what you bought, so if you buy 5seeds lemonpie you will get 5seeds lemonpie free from them Buy 1 get 1 free promo.. ✌️
  4. Bought some lemon pie 5 seeds from biltong n buds.. Can't wait to grow these beauties from what I've seen on grow diaries they look delicious!! Going to push these ladies to the max!! So its going to be 5 lemonpie and 5 or 6 critical plus 2.0 🤤🤤 A big thank you to @afternoon blazer for pointing me in the right direction and the rest of the guys for the advice , much appreciated ✌️
  5. bro I checked out 420 fastbuds and my mouth is literally watering 🤤 I think I'm going to order some right now! They say it ships from a location they have in Spain.. any idea how long they take to deliver here in SA ? And @Prom is absolutely correct and I can say the same about dinafem, i got 3 phenos from 10 critical seeds and had to harvest afew that matured 2weeks earlier than the others ,their genetics is quite unstable from my experience too.. also 2 of the seeds grew deformed from germination (and what I though immediately was that the plants the seeds were harvested from were deformed) wonder if there's any truth in that.. Thanks bro for the awesome intro to fastbuds420
  6. @afternoon blazer I still have 10 critical plus 2.0 autos so I plan on using them again before I order more seeds. They are over a year old so going to pop em tomorrow and hope they all germ otherwise il going to have to order new seeds.. not sure what tho , mayb some diff autos from dinafem or mayb humboldt not sure tho so if you have any suggestions for good STRONG autos pls let me know.. ? I prefer autos coz its honestly easier than photos and the potency is decent enough. Or mayb ill just order more of the critical coz I grew em 4times so far and they were very resilient ladies, rh was 65 to 70% most of the time and temps of between 30 and 33 degrees Celsius during summer and she pulled through with ease, also good tall bulky plants with great yields.. Leme know your thoughts ? ✌️
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome guys 😁😁 Growing indoors in 5X5 .. 600 watt used 1st week of veg and 1000 watt used 2nd 3rd 4th week during veg 600 watt used 1st 10days of flower and 1000watt hps used for the rest of flowering Light is aircooled 12000 btu portable aircon coz of the ridiculous Temps here in durban (I love the warm weather personally 😄) Average Temps wer 30 -32 degrees Celsius Grown in coco +perlite 20L airports and 15L autopots GHE floracoco grow +bloom also used used ripen during 3rd and 4th week flower and atami bloombastic till harvest, oh and flushed her for 4days b4 harvest Strain was critical + 2.0 from dinafem These autos can take a beating and half!!! This strain gave me 3 phenotypes from 10 plants, 2 were scrapped early in the grow 1 pure indica short and stocky 1 sativa dominant tall and slender and the rest were a good mix id say 65 % indica 35% sativa mix.. Was a strong high not the strongest but up there never the less overall a very very g Final dry weight 783g (not my best but more than enough for my smoke) This grow was 1 yr or so back so I look forward to my new grow.. same set up just diff lights.. bought 4 X240watt quantum boards V3 from Meijiu, they should arrive in 10days 😁 Uhm should i have posted this somewhere else ? Oops
  8. Lumatek Digital ballast was imported from the UK, the XXL reflector is from a jhb grow shop ,bought online. Ballast is 1000 watt adjustable, can use a 600 watt or 1000 watt. Super lumen feature pushes it over 1000 watts. Ballast comes with original box and a UK plug adapter Used the equipment for 1 grow then replaced with led lighting.. so it has just been sitting in the closet.. any questions feel free to ask..
  9. Hey Guys.. glad to be a new member here.. Durban bound soul here..Been growing my own smoke for 7+ years now.. All indoor.. Everyday is a learning day.. look forward to getting into the mix here.. ✌️
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