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  1. Haha lol, my wife thinks I'm smoking crack, she does not care about my growing, never wants to see things to do with my plants but, when harvest comes she asks where her jars ? I can spend hours just staring , she says I look like a serial killer , it is by far one of my favorite hobby I have partaken in , the reward with a successful harvest, knowing that you can nurture and nourish a plant of this earth to its full potential is amazing, this lockdown in my grow room is going better, only thing keeping me sane lol.
  2. Nah I don't buy this craft cannabis thing, just the name craft will add another r100 bucks to the price, let me guess ( R250-300....? ), its either proper indoor, greenhouse, outdoor or jutt, these businesses have stupid grading systems to put a fat mark up on their prices...... you would be very surprised the result's you can get from a basic set up doing it your self, best of luck to you
  3. Feedback, no communication, ordered yesterday delivered 10am today , impressed
  4. Eish..... me too, just paid for order...........
  5. Thanks for info guys @SkunkPharm , what do you think of this board; https://greenleafgrow.co.za/collections/quantum-board-led-grow-lights/products/samsung-quantum-led-board-125w High efficiency warm white light quantum board Full-spectrum for better yield and results Reliable passive-cooled design Better canopy light penetration with diffused light Ideal for veg and bloom High intensity and even coverage in a grow tent or room Less energy consumption Customised orders on request Lifespan of 50 000 hours plus 3 year warranty PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Samsung LED LM301B | 1 x QB288 V2 Top Bin diodes Power: 125W Spectrum: 3000K Voltage Range: 90-277VAC Flowering footprint: 1㎡ Veg footprint: 1,2㎡ System Efficiency: 200 lm/W Dimensions: 32cm x 22cm x 1.5cm Mounting Hight: 30cm - 60cm above canopy It is going for 3 K, specs look impressive
  6. Good day All, I have decided to go indoor route now, i found this light advertised at Hydro herb Africa at R2500 here are specs; Lifespan: 100,000 hours2. TS 900W?Double modes BLOOM&VEG?LED Grow Light Dimensions: 15.7*7.3*2.3 inch (400*190*60mm) Item Weight: 3.0KG Replaces a 600W HPS/MH Use for all stages grow and flowering Vegetative Coverage at 24″: 3.0×3.0 ft Flowering Coverage at 18″: 2.5×2.5 ft?( The lighting area and the height are changeable according to different plants and environments ) Actual Power consumption: energy saving,? just consumes about 200W?3%?power, much better than the same product in the marketpla LEDS :?(90pcs) High Intensity 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs Lumen:9000.00lm Electric current:700m LEDs Angle: 90? Input Voltage: AC100-240V Frequency: 50-60Hz Lifespan: 100,000 hours Specs seem half decent but not sure if it is Chinese specs lol , i would like to have a grow area of about 1 square meter in a tent, would this be enough to grow 4 plants if i top and lst as much as i can or should i be rather looking at a quantum boards i have budget around 3 K ? Any feedback would be appreciated. Best regrads
  7. hehe I remember as teenagers we would always challenge each other to see who has the highest tolerance lol, then once passed the point of no return you would get greenies or yellow fever as we called it, we had some friend who thought they could smoke , a nice indoor cheese in a fat bong took many guys out, first cold sweats, face color changing like a chameleon, cant stand eventually,puke and be crippled for the next few hours, I have even seen someone have like a seizure / low bloods pass out and wake up like nothing happened. Much older now 30's, tolerance is very high, I remember smoking a moon rock in a bong a while back, that was like taking a hit of crack lol, I have never done crack, my eyes will spinning like a slot machine was really strong but, after a while tolerance builds ups, I found I was always chasing a stronger high that I could never go back to, I decided no more moon rocks or dabs as it was going to another level. I just hit Js and odd bong now. Funny story the other day we went for a Boys day fishing at the vaal, our one buddy who is not a stoner or smoker who always take a puff or 2 of our joints(indoor) while fishing with us would not really ever get stoned we made sure he was inhaling it properly but the effects never really seemed to get to him ( fitness freak) we tried many times over the years. Soo long story short, we were on the road at 3 am, me and my buddy surprised him with some edibles (first time) I bought some gummies 100 mg and my buddy brought a brownie, gave him half the gums ( 50mg) and he had half of the brownie, once we reached the vaal, we had to drive on a dirt farm road for 40ish KM to get to our fishing spot, he was sitting in the backseat of the double cab, we noticed he was really quite we looked back to see him with a smile from ear to ear, he was on a space rocket ride lol and was laughing his head off the whole time, enjoying every second of being proper goofed for the first time, this put me and my bud in such a great vibe, we were super amped to get fishing, got to our sopt around half 5 in the morning, fresh cold air, water looking like glass, set up gear and ready to cast, awesome ! Our buddy mumbled to us that he don't think he can cast his bait properly, he casted like 20 meters we giggled at him and he sat down on his chair...... and that was the end of him, he never got up again KO........ eventually he was not looking too good we bucketed him over the head with cold water, kind of woke him up a little bit, forced him to try and eat something, had a few bites out KO again lol only woke up when we got to the wimpy, a cheese burger and coffee shake fixed him up , he said he should of just stayed at home cause he never got to fish lol, me and my buddy caught loads of fish. Turns out my buddies brownie was like 500MG so we did the maths, 50MG+250MG is what raped his soul, he had the gummies first so I think that why he was enjoying it soo much until the 250MG kicked him in his P.....s lol We tease him every time we see him, and I always send him pics of new edibles acquired and tell him to come get his breakfast lol, we all laugh together like small children :) Cant wait for our next fishing trip and a lower dose for him.
  8. Yup agreed the yield is average most of the times , the cheap prices and varieties you get now days is mind blowing, you do find 1 special seed every now and then like the lottery , it has taught me loads about plants, I will prob eventually progress to indoor, jealous of buddies having mega dank harvests, I think is relatively low cost and less maintenance compared to indoor, I got some fem Grand daddy Purps Fem just waiting for me get some decent lights lol cant wait for the whole 9 yards Lst, topping, and netting, I know more or less just what to do I think, must just figure out PH parts
  9. I personally love Autos, I know from seed to harvest (outdoor), it will take me about 3ish months to get there, it is mostly fool proof. Key growing points for me is get it into its final pot as soon as possible, apply LST as soon as you can, having proper feeding schedule with the right nutrient's and light defoliation if needed. I had some nice results already, harvested 3 white cheeses already, not monster plants but filled up a few jars , nothing can beat homegrown and properly cured bud, it really woke me up after all these years of buying from guys, this outdoor has the same if not more trichomes than the R150 a gram " Local indoor" that is sold around and the taste was not far off, I could roast this everyday. My personal fav Auto seeds is from dinafem, every seed I ever planted sprouted, I don't even presoak the seed, just make a 1 or 2 cm hole with your finger, drop the seed in and cover with your chosen medium, a shot glass of Tap water everyday until it pops. Dinafem genetics is stable from what I have grown and seen others grow(indoor), slight differences in Phenos traits, good resistance to mold and bugs, generally foolproof if you follow instructions; my Fav is so far is def white cheese and Gorilla. I need to order more seed asap! I have started my next run of Autos already I got 2 seedsman NL and 3 Advanced seeds pineapple glue grown with Bio Leaf coco mix ,outdoors in 8 lt Pots cant wait already :) Nice thing about autos is that they do not get too big, I can freely move them around depending where the best sunlight is and can also move them out of harms way ( hail, rain, pets..... It is ideal for beginners and in expert hands can get some very surprising results in min time. Best Regards
  10. Yup in jozi, can be done now, my seedlings about 2 weeks old, should be done before june, need to squeeze last harvest before cold sets in
  11. Haha some matchbox Jutt will treat the insomnia no problems lol
  12. Awesome guys, will pop them this weekend and hopefully I will have a grow diary for you guys to see soon :) Best regards Roasty
  13. Hi Canna Cart, Yes it is possible with auto flowers, usually their stated flowing times are under ideal conditions IE. 18 hours of light a day, My 3 Dinafems are on day 85 ( listed by dinafem at 75 days, still waiting for Thrichomes to start turning amber almost there, there is another 4/5 months to go before colder times should be plenty time for auto to do its thing. Just not too sure for photoperiod....
  14. Good day Bakstein, I would like to plant some northern lights (Auto), pineapple glue (Auto) and I got some granddaddy purple ( feminized), I grew 3 dinafem white cheese autos so far this year will be harvesting in next week or so, looks less than 100 gram harvest between the 3 plants, I wanna get all these new autos planted and harvested before the colder months set in, all my plants are outdoors. Quick question, regarding the grand daddy, which would be the best time of the year to plant this, I don't want the colder months to stunt or kill the plant? Best regards Roasty
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