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  1. On 10/16/2020 at 1:36 PM, PsyCLown said:

    So whats happening now? 😄 

    How they looking now that they're in flower? @1000Hills Nursery


    On 11/15/2020 at 4:09 PM, Dank said:

    Awesome @Mr_Nice_Guy stoked to see that the cutting made it to you, big up to @1000Hills Nursery  for sending on the love.

    We spoke a while back and decided it best just to call the cut "Dank Cheese" as im not 100% clear on its origins.

    It does smell and smoke very much London, but Exo has quite a following here in SA and i dont want to claim i have THE Exodus cut.

    Enjoy it my bru, thanks a lot for posting, peace and buds ✌️

    Greetings and salutations🌱🇿🇦... It's been a while. Got nothing but 💚 for 420sa peeps. I truly have been busy. 

    All 3 cuts have impressed. I cannot even tell you which of the 3 is the best as they all very special cuts in their own way. I ran test versions of each outdoor before committing precious space indoors. And now the dankcheese has earned a whopping 50% of the available real estate. DankWedding Cake has also earned space indoors but only because we love growing a gas😊 and she's gassy af. Will take some pics for you guys to see. About to enter week 3 and they are beasting under the new LEDs 😉 @PsyCLown


    Dankcheese and wedding cake were also chosen for our current breeding projects. Hit them hard with some quality pheno Hunted pollen.  Story for another day. 



    Okay so the CBD Heavy is super tasty. It's a leasure smoke. Very different effects from what I'm used too. Pure medicine. I hope to keep it forever. This cut I think will need to be earned if anyone wants a copy. Do a good deed and she's yours🤔. Well we still will need @Dankto approve as this truly is special. 


    @Mr_Nice_Guy 💚🤙👊😎 🧀enjoy this plant. Really is danky cheesey to the bone.

    We also passed on the wedding cake and cbd heavy to @420sake to grow on the farm. @420sake brother this da place to drop some pics of these cuts grown at #trinityfarms. 




    Till next time. Stay blessed all. :rastabanana

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  2. Update time... 

    @Dank donated us some cuts. Gettin em ready for bloom🔥🧀🍰

    Exodus Cheese



    Wedding Cake



    CBD Heavy 💉💉

    Organic Sungrown 💊💊



    Grow bag courtesy of @Cannabist








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  3. 51 minutes ago, CreX said:

    That looks delicious! 

    I see you roll a great cigarette shape joint! I must admit I like a cone shape more because a uniform joint takes too long haha

    Nice decor and hash trim touch man! Don't often see a treat like that!! 


    It was super terpy... Amazing job at the extraction @420sake. Thank you kind Sir💚

    I love my baseball bat's too😎💚... 

    And the coke bong @Bakstein420.

    One Love 420sa🌱... 

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  4. 6 minutes ago, StickyD420 said:

    Look very good👌

    Also like to stem rub for an idea of the smell and such, and your girls look so healthy.

    And also just to feel them up a little... 😂

    Except when stem rubbing the Boyz 😏

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  5. 1 hour ago, DamDave said:

    Am I correct in understanding that veg stage does not need a lot of light

    Yes and No. With a little light you can keep plants in veg alive and growing slowly. With more light you get faster growth and tighter internodal spaces. There are many other contributing factors to this. 


    2 hours ago, DamDave said:

    I have 205w of cfl's in my veg cabinet, is that overkill?

    Probably not seeing seeing as cfl's have to be quite close to the plant. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, StickyD420 said:

    Please share with us the deets? @1000Hills Nursery

    Obviously not cost, but specs and such,

    I see 5 section or pods on a plate, each with a ring, are they lenses or another light and the color temps 

    5 ring boards 45W each 4200K

    4 ring board 36W 6000K.

    I haven't checked actual power draw. 

    All mounted onto a thin aluminum plate. Doubles as a heat mat for germinating seeds/clone dome. 

    So this light was built to veg the keepers which don't need alot of light. The ring is a lens over the diodes. I've been meaning to remove it but just never got around to doing as this light as is vegs very impressively and I spend minimal time in this tent. I've ended up using the other diy light for the keepers and this light for vegging plants about to be flipped. This light has been ON 24/7 since December I think. Every diode still works. 

    In general to anyone else reading this, this light is not capable of flowering. For one incorrect spectrum. And then actual power is probably questionable. 



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  7. 3 hours ago, TheUltimateNoob said:

    Niiiiice, you guys are making me jealous, need to pay that damn PayPal invoice so I can get me some boards

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    These were cheap ACDC boards. The 5 boards cost just under 400bucks altogether. 

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  8. 15 minutes ago, Louis said:

    I need some tips lol, your plants look amazing and as healthy as could b, hat off to u my friend 👌

    Thanks for the kind words. Once you have some beanz popped and start posting the progress, the 420sa fam will be here to assist... Be it growing related or even just equipment related. 

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  9. Harlequins 



    Moved outdoor from 24 hour vegging... Cooling off in the shade, get them accustomed to their new home. 




    Staking and cleaning up off bottoms together with light defoliation 








    Day 8 since cloning these gals and they have already started to root. 



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  10. Update time... 

    @Dank check it out bro... 

    The exos chillin in some coco here on the east coast... 



    Remember sending me some fresh cuttings straight of the moms. We didn't have high expectations but agreed it was worth a shot seeing as you were already sending me other gear. Well bro... 

    Roots roots roots. 



    So 420sa this is proof that if you want to donate a few cuts to other members you don't need to go thru the whole cloning process and special packaging. A ziplock bag and some wet leaves is all you need. 

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  11. A cloning tutorial on how to back up plants before flip



    5 Harlequin seedlings and cloning gear

























    In a few dayz these will be flipped. Should any of these impress me we will be able to regrow it in the future. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Trailblazer420 said:

    I've only very recently started playing with arduino co2 sensors. I have 2 x MH-Z19B's not sure how accurate they are though

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    Arduino are quite cool and best part quite user friendly and plenty codes available for temperature, humidity control. What you controlling so far? 


  13. 41 minutes ago, DeeJay said:

    I've just sprayed again both trees.

    Difficult to get under all the leaves as she is quite bushy! Tried my best.

    Also flushed both trees with 10 litres of PH 6.3.

    Will see how they go.

    Do I just repeat the spray every 2-3 days until they're gone?

    What's the life cycle of these pests?

    Plenty info on thrips and life cycle on Google. With regards to spraying. Buy one of those cheap plastic 5ltr sprayer that has a wand. You will be able to reach in and spray undersides etc. I would do a 3rd spray in a few days depending on how the plants are looking. Spraying the plants heavily often can be harsh on the plant. After that I would spray once a week till week 2 of flower.

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  14. @oldsandals

    Sounds amazing bro. Proud to hear good things about kzn. I've heard of some fire diary queen bud floating around. It would be amazing growing out some of that local fire... Old and new... There's appreciation in it all💚

    BTW welcome to forum cuts👊

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  15. 47 minutes ago, DeeJay said:

    I've posted this on another forum as well, and the guys there definitely think it's nutrient lockout.

    I'm going to give her a proper flush and then Calmag the water before adding nutrients.

    I'll report back in a few days...

    Thanx for the advice 🙂

    Unfortunately you have thrips. The defiency that the leaves are showing I would ignore and address the thrips 1st. Tell tales signs are the shiny indents in the leaves and the little black dropping's that thrips leaves behind after hitting a chow. Thrips are quite resilient and requires a few sprays every few days to kill them. Biogrow Pyrol, neudosen and Neel mixed together in a spray bottle should sort them out. You could use other pesticides, just make sure you test on a few leaves to make sure it's not gonna burn the leaves. 

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