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  1. Jip @Burly it seems so send them a few mails ..nada nothing .....maybe they had a early cristmas 🙄
  2. Shot 420sake wanna start off but this lock down frustrates the living daylights out of me but once its lifted my journey will start 🤘
  3. Shot bru, must honestly say there is plenty of info on the group and blokes aint shy to help with advise
  4. Shot for the advice all now I can start working on a plan of action...
  5. Shot chaps as it looks to me the most important thing is the lighting..and I would like to go led..the tend I wanna start of size wise is the 2.4 ×1.2 ×2...what lights would be working the best in that setup
  6. Howdi... Help needed with this newby...looking to start with this chapter in my live...(big time fisherman)..anyway started to smoke a while ago with one of my buddies now I want to start to grow indoors..my budget is +-25000 and as in fishing I paid plenty of school fees so any help and advice would be appreciated. Now I stay in Zululand summertime is hot and humid. So ja let the good times start🥳. Thanks in advance
  7. Goodday all I want to start getting tent lighting the whole works ...maybe guys can give me advice or maybe a complete growtent lights preferably led...any help would be appreciated
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