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    Coco coir (60%); Vermiculite (5%) & perlite (25%) with organic additives (10%).
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    Exodus Cheese; Sugar Black Rose; White Rhino.
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    Mars Hydro 1mx1m tent with Mars Hydro LED 192 Reflector series. 30cm Oscillating Fan and 2x EF-1530 wall fans for constant in- and out letting of fresh air; Within a 3mx3m back room.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joints, bongs, pipes, oil concentrates; edibles & cannabis infused coconut oil.

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  1. Good evening! I have in the last week done some more training as well as defoliation, and have fllipped to 12/12 today. I know it might be a bit late but I felt I needed a bit more structure. We'll see how it goes and hopefully it cam reach maturity by the closing date. They were also fed with rain water containing some molasses, kelpak, biogrow, fish mix, biobloom, aminomix and environoc 401. Conditions are between 21 and 26°C, and RH is 60 -75%. RH will have to be lowered with time, by watering slightly less than needed, and doing another defoliation during week 3. 🍁 Ps. I Hope everyone's flowering session turns out a great one!
  2. Good evening, The Chocolope female branches have just been topped, and earlier in the week she was defoliated. Rain water with some biogrow, fish mix, aminomix and kelpak was also applied. Conditions are about 19-25 °C and 64-80% RH. 🍁
  3. Lol they are kinda massive, 9 x 20L pots would be more ideal for a 1x1 area, but I don't have that many pots of even as much candidates for flowering 😕 It was no fancy microscope, but merely the plastic x45 chinese one that has a mini led light built-in.
  4. Growth looks amazing man! Well done, the speed of hydro! 😮 It looks like at least two could be male, but I hope I'm wrong. The pics are a bit vague in terms of seeing what's going on at the nodes, but it vaguely looks like I see some spade-shaped looking protrusions? 😕
  5. Initially I would buffer the coco with Calmag, to get rid of all the Potassium/Sodium therein, but after that if you mixed some gypsum and dolomitic lime into the mix then I don't believe you'll run into issues. Also if using RO water, just make 10% of the total water volume tapwater, which should buffer the RO water nicely.
  6. Looking like a super happy and thriving lady, keep up the great work! 😄
  7. Haha, I'm not sure about benefitting in such a short Veg time, although I believe the roots can run nice and freely now as they wish. I merely went with 40L pots as I had those laying around and wouldn't need to go and spend more money on 20L right now 🙂 I use both soil amendments as well as liquid fertilizers/additives, like the Biobizz range. Nice thing about using both is you have to use much less of the liquid stuff through the grow, and the soil/media can easily be used for a 2nd grow without recharging, especially on Indicas 😄 Also a while back you asked about the cool close-up shots I took, sorry for never responding to that. It was my very talented and awesome fiancee who took the pictures through the x45 microscope with her smartphone 😉
  8. Good morning, Yesterday I transplanted the Chocolope to a 40L Freedom pot, as well as other plants who'll be filling the open slots in the tent. I've recharged the spent organic promix (mostly 60% coco and 30% perlite and 10% vermiculite) with some organic additives (turbo grow, rock phosphate, diatomaceous earth, mycoroot, calcium carbonate, powdered kelp, worm castings, zeolite, bonemeal, Trichoderma). Thereafter it was watered with about 6L of rainwater - to which plenty of Environoc was added - ensuring an evenly moist growing medium. As soon as the plants have adjusted I will resume training and defoliation, before initiating flowering. 🍁
  9. Ah thanks man, yeah she's got nice vigour and structure. Looking forward to flipping time! 🙃
  10. Hi All, I've chosen my female entrant, as the others don't show their genders as clearly. Transplanted to a 10L Freedom Pot, LST'ed and defoliated during the week. The medium added is the same, only this time I've added some fine and coarse zeolite, as well as some bone meal and again some mycoroot.
  11. Will be updating with new post tonight after work!
  12. Sup KG Organic is tricky indeed. You have to build your soil/medium in layers, add the buffers/powders like dolomitic lime, gypsum, rock phosphate etc with the soil, and coco's pH can be between 5.8 and 6.5. Microbes are always necessary in organic, especially mycorrhizeal fungi and trichoderma. When your pH is too high things like pH down will harm the microbes, so use 100% grape juice (with no added sulphites, as always!), but sparingly; gradually lowering the pH. The Biobizz stuff will also slightly lower it, and things like dolomitic lime and gypsum serve as buffers to prevent heavy pH swings as well as provide calcium, sulphur and magnesium slowly. Things like Calmag nitrate/nitrite is also inorganic, and synthetic, especially if it's chelated, or states that it contains EDTA's (look out for "fortified with iron"). Also I have noticed that it can push the pH upwards. Molasses diluted nicely provides calcium and magnesium, as well as Phosphorus, and sugars for the micro beasties 😉 I don't know what AACT is but I'll Google it. ( I just read it's basically worm tea? That stuff is awesome, but even better if you aerate it for 3-4 days before applying. You can also add molasses here to give the microbes an extra boost). Definitely keep the AACT separate from the Biobizz & nutes, or you might overdo it. If you add stuff like turbo grow (volcanic rock dust), powdered kelp, worm castings, rock phosphate and bone meal then you won't run into those deficiencies. I hope this helps somewhat. Peace! 🍁
  13. Ah that's great! Well, to be honest, I have 10L velcro freedom pots laying around, and have to wait until payday before I can buy 20's. Lol. I have 40L ones too, but that might be unnecessary regarding the short veg period. I'm gonna open them up in 2 weeks time, to see how far the roots have progressed into the new medium, and whether I will need to buy 20's or stay in the 10's.
  14. I've so far detected one definite female, two I'm quite sure are, and three possible males, of which two definitely are guys. My males are outside now, so I'm sure in a week or two they will confirm their genders 🙂
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