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    OG Kush; Wonder Woman; Chocolope; White Rhino; Chemdog X Gorilla Glue #4
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    Coco coir (60%); Vermiculite (5%) & perlite (25%) with organic additives (10%).
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    Exodus Cheese; Sugar Black Rose; White Rhino.
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    Mars Hydro 1mx1m tent with Mars Hydro LED 192 Reflector series. 30cm Oscillating Fan and 2x EF-1530 wall fans for constant in- and out letting of fresh air; Within a 3mx3m back room.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joints, bongs, pipes, oil concentrates; edibles & cannabis infused coconut oil.

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  1. I'll be doing that, along with giving you some for you jars. Thanks J!!!
  2. Bad beans do exist! That's why I always buy at least 5 when ordering 😛 I also like to lightly scuff seeds in a matchbox lined with sandpaper, but it isn't necessary. The seed squeeze/crush test sucks as you can sometimes accidentally crush potentially epic seed! I like soaking seed in RO water containing a drop of Environoc and Kelpak, and put it on a heatpad/in an area which runs between 22 and 25°C. Paper towel method works great too, but in both cases I like checking on them after 24 hours, in case the tip of taproot starts poking out. Once it does, transplant immediately. It's really delicate and can stunt a plant if the taproot gets too long and damaged by handling. Also use solid paper towels that aren't cotton wool or toilet paper, so that the layers are easily separable, and the taproot doesn't start to grow into the paper, which won't happen with proper paper towels 😛 Seeds germinate lovely in Eazy plugs or jiffies, but I've realized it's a waste, as the taproot runs so quickly through it to the bottom that you'll have to plant it a few days later to a bigger container with growing medium. Once again, some bought seeds can be duds... Or the quite opposite. The other day I soaked some Chemdog X Gorilla Glue seeds, and after 26 hours I checked on them to see a taproot of about 1cm already sticking out of the seed, and after putting them in Eazy Plugs they broke the surface in 2 days! 😮
  3. Awesome! You'll probably start seeing Some roots poke out in 2-3 days' time, as long as the temps are 21-24, and the plug surface starts to dry out from opening the propagator's vents for a few days, and then remoistening it slightly and closing the vents again for the last few days, and still mist the clones and remove the lid twice a day to make sure mold doesn't take hold. 18/6 or 24/0 light schedules both work fine. Also I let the tray of plugs rest on some perlite within the propagator - I think the roots love it when the poke out and find those air pockets to explore instead of being squished between the tray and the propagator's bottoms. Also, a cool thing I've learnt is that if you mist the clones with Environoc solution, mold can't take hold! Woohoo! 😄
  4. Cloning goes great when you're clean, fast and vigilant. And use Eazy Plugs, they work fantastic.
  5. Hornygoatsweed

    Bad Mix?

    Yeah, I'd say go easy on the watering, start with quarter-strength nutrients once they look like they've recovered/are growing again Also, you said you were using a coco-perlite mixture? Buffered, but perhaps not flushed sufficiently... Some coco coir can be very high in salts - even if buffered - prior to a good triple flush. 🍁
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