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    OG Kush; Wonder Woman; Chocolope; White Rhino; Chemdog X Gorilla Glue #4
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    Coco coir (60%); Vermiculite (5%) & perlite (25%) with organic additives (10%).
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    Exodus Cheese; Sugar Black Rose; White Rhino.
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    Mars Hydro 1mx1m tent with Mars Hydro LED 192 Reflector series. 30cm Oscillating Fan and 2x EF-1530 wall fans for constant in- and out letting of fresh air; Within a 3mx3m back room.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joints, bongs, pipes, oil concentrates; edibles & cannabis infused coconut oil.

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  1. Hi Everyone, Today marks day 27 of flowering the Chocolope. She's coming ong nicely, almost developing an interesting fragrance, but it is too soon to really tell 🙂 Temps have been between 20 and 26°C, and RH about 61 - 70% (which is still a bit too high, but I'm hoping the sunny days ahead will be lowering the ambient humidity or VPD). So far rain water has been given, as the leaves look a healthy shade of dark green. 🍁
  2. I concur, it would've curled downwards and inwards, resembling dark, pointy claws. I'm so glad I don't do hydro 😛
  3. H'mm, I'm not sure either, although I must say that some of those leaves are very dark green 😕
  4. Wow she's getting lekker big! And quite dark green, are those top leaves doing alright? 🙂
  5. Thanks! 🙂 Yours is coming along nicely too, and I can't wait to swop and taste/experience the two different end products!
  6. Hi everyone! Here's my update! Plants are now on day 21, marking the crossover from week 3 to 4, and so far I'm happy with the budlets I'm seeing. I do minimal defoliation from now on, whenever I see a big fan leaf popping out and covering a budsite only. They have recently received the classic full cocktail I always give them every 2nd watering, alternating between clean water and the cocktail; biogrow, biobloom, environoc, kelpak, blackstrap molasses and aminomix. The change to the Ceramic-Discharge Metal Halide setup has pushed up temperatures nicely, to almost 30°C during the light phase, and 19°C is the minimum during the dark phase (which is during the day). More importantly, it has lowered the humidity even further, giving me piece of mind, as the humidity now ranges between 57 and 70% Relative Humidity. The oscillating fan is running on medium speed, and the EF-1530 wall fans run all the time, circulating sufficient amounts of air, for now at least. If it doesn't lower the heat and/or humidity enough later on I'll hook-up my HIT-150 inline fans, along with a fan speed controller. I've also added a large Shiitake substrate bag to provide continuous CO2, chilling below the 80x80cm drip tray, as my tray rests on four kiddy chairs, but I doubt it will help much as I have read that CO2 supplementation only helps when you start introducing it in the Vegetative phase (I still have to do extensive research on this). 🍁
  7. Ah man what a bummer! 😞 They all look super happy though!
  8. Looks stunning, Psy! 😮 Yes, the Ripener will help with pumping the pollen, just remember, that it is synthetic salts, usually containing EDTA's, which could leave a nasty aftertaste. I'm also going to experiment with Bloombastic by giving it to 25% of my plants, to see what difference it makes.
  9. Haha thanks PsyClown! Yeah the only pros of the bigger pots are less pots to water as well as easier to LST branches to the pot, as well as easier to get the water to the medium without working through the vegetation with the jug 😛 I find that watering every 3 days is the perfect rythm, because if it takes a few days longer fungal gnats might come and infest, or in my case, the humidity stays high for long. I think if it dries out quicker it might be a pain, but then the roots get oxygen quicker, and thus they'll grow quicker. That's where the whole debate about planting in your final container from the beginning vs. transplanting to a slightly bigger pot every month or so (always only in Veg) comes in. 🙂
  10. Good afternoon all! I'm two weeks into flowering and I think it's going well. The Chocolope has received some rain water containing only Biobloom, and it also has recently been massively defoliated for the last time. Temperatures have been a bit low, but I'm hoping the warm days that are ahead will help, as I can't afford running my heater anymore (the con of growing with LED in winter is how cool it runs - quite the opposite of winter, but I'm planning on swopping my Mars Hydro192 reflector out for a Lumii Solar CDM 315, for more output as well as more heat within the tent). Humidity is also quite high most of the time, even after defoliation, although not in the high 80's anymore, but high 70's, and it's due to growing within a room which has no insulation and a very humid environment, but I'm hoping the Lumii CDM light setup will help dry out the air in the tent at least. I'm also realizing the 4x 40L Freedom Pots might have been overkill in a 1m² tent, as I've recently seen plants grow big enough in 5L plastic pots, so next time I'll stick to 10L Freedom Pots, which, together with the air pruning that the material pots promotes, should be enough for flowering all the way, and maybe dry out faster and contain less moisture, which in turn should mean the humidity would drop down lower than it does now. So we learn! 😛 Loving how nice everyone's grows are turning out, must be the good genetics! 🍁
  11. Bad beans do exist! That's why I always buy at least 5 when ordering 😛 I also like to lightly scuff seeds in a matchbox lined with sandpaper, but it isn't necessary. The seed squeeze/crush test sucks as you can sometimes accidentally crush potentially epic seed! I like soaking seed in RO water containing a drop of Environoc and Kelpak, and put it on a heatpad/in an area which runs between 22 and 25°C. Paper towel method works great too, but in both cases I like checking on them after 24 hours, in case the tip of taproot starts poking out. Once it does, transplant immediately. It's really delicate and can stunt a plant if the taproot gets too long and damaged by handling. Also use solid paper towels that aren't cotton wool or toilet paper, so that the layers are easily separable, and the taproot doesn't start to grow into the paper, which won't happen with proper paper towels 😛 Seeds germinate lovely in Eazy plugs or jiffies, but I've realized it's a waste, as the taproot runs so quickly through it to the bottom that you'll have to plant it a few days later to a bigger container with growing medium. Once again, some bought seeds can be duds... Or the quite opposite. The other day I soaked some Chemdog X Gorilla Glue seeds, and after 26 hours I checked on them to see a taproot of about 1cm already sticking out of the seed, and after putting them in Eazy Plugs they broke the surface in 2 days! 😮
  12. Awesome! You'll probably start seeing Some roots poke out in 2-3 days' time, as long as the temps are 21-24, and the plug surface starts to dry out from opening the propagator's vents for a few days, and then remoistening it slightly and closing the vents again for the last few days, and still mist the clones and remove the lid twice a day to make sure mold doesn't take hold. 18/6 or 24/0 light schedules both work fine. Also I let the tray of plugs rest on some perlite within the propagator - I think the roots love it when the poke out and find those air pockets to explore instead of being squished between the tray and the propagator's bottoms. Also, a cool thing I've learnt is that if you mist the clones with Environoc solution, mold can't take hold! Woohoo! 😄
  13. Cloning goes great when you're clean, fast and vigilant. And use Eazy Plugs, they work fantastic.
  14. Hey @420SA , thanks for the reminder! I thought I posted yesterday morning but somehow I must've not clicked the "submit reply" hard enough 😕 Apologies!
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