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  1. Greetings to you to. Thanks for the very warm welcome, appreciated, glad to be able to converse freely about something that has touched my heart in many ways. Hopefully I can make a meaningful contribution.
  2. Thanks to the responses and kind words, very much appreciated. Ultrasonics is a method used in conjunction with glycerine to extract cannabinoids directly from dry plant material. These concentrates can be easily formulated in most cannabis infused product such as tinctures, vapes, lotions, baking/cooking etc. This method of extraction is superior in that the yield is significantly increased, while extraction time is decreased to minutes. Due to the nature of the process there is no thermal degradation, which means a tastier end product with a high yield and high potency. The process also leads to stable emulsification for various product formulations. As a comparison, the conventional cold process preparation of glycerine tincture would mean the buds would need to soak for approximately between 90-120 days to extract the active substances. This is very time consuming, but the advantage is that compounds such as THC, CBD, Terpenes etc will not be degraded by heat. Ultrasonic extraction is a NON THERMAL process which is carried out at room temp. Within a few minutes a complete extraction of the active compounds of Cannabis can be achieved without any thermal degradation. The Terpenes will not be effected due to no heat and this is why the end product will be much tastier. Hope this explanation is adequate without me getting into the technicalities of Ultrasonic's.
  3. I think it takes enormous courage to stand up for a cause, especially when that cause has so much stigma attached, mostly due to misinformation and blatant lies. If scientific facts were considered, then cannabis should never have been criminalised in the first place. However this topic can and probably will be debated for a long time to come. A huge thumbs up for Jeremy Acton and like minded thinkers. But perceptions are changing, I know mine has, I was one of the absolute critics when the use of cannabis was discussed - "DRUGS". Once more money is spent on research and development and more facts are published, then the stigma of cannabis use will definitely not be an issue any more. This will probably put a huge dent in the pockets of the pharmaceutical giants, another huge topic for discussion.
  4. Hello all, I am a new member and very excited to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge base. My interest is predominantly from a medical and technology perspective. Growing up I was taught that weed was really bad. My wife was diagnosed with cancer and the big investigation began, this is where cannabis entered my life. Six years later, I don't have a wife, but I'm hopefully a little wiser. All I can say is that we have been lied to, cheated by and unfairly been labeled by society, especially by those who don't have our best interests at heart. My business is predominantly supplying a range of equipment to the polymer converting industry. One of the exciting possibilities is the extraction of oils using ultrasound. The positive is that it's very quick very clean and very effective. The negative is that it's expensive. That's me in a nutshell
  5. Good day folks, I am a new member. I have been growing cannabis for six years now. My interest stems from a medical perspective. I have accumulated various seeds of various strains, including some seeds sourced in India while on a business trip, which have grown very well.
    Would anyone be interested in an exchange of seeds? 





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