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  1. wow, Never would have thought about "cheating" in order to win a growing comp.. which you didn't pay to enter and got free seeds and perhaps bought yourself a nice new piece of kit. The world we live in today..
  2. Think it was only to the first couple guys to buy seeds.. missed that memo so think i just missed out. :)))
  3. Weekly Update: Just a quick update, haven't had much time this weekend. I will do a better update but they all looking good, albeit not as good as some of the other's in this competition. Some of you are getting crazy growth already. Anyhow, herewith my pics. Also don't have as much experience and have to rely on FF soil, I will be building my own soils for future grows. Have only been watering with Kelpak for now.
  4. So I've bought majority of the ingredients, just a couple i'm struggling to find. Mycoroot, Volcanic rock dust, Rock phosphate, Mushroom compost Any ideas in JHB?
  5. For the record, All 6 of my beans popped. 2 were just late..
  6. @Totemic apologies if i am overstepping, i'm not sure, but it's my first grow off and really only my second grow in general. I just would like to know if there is an indication on flowering time for these beans? I was going to give about 2 months to flower, should that suffice?
  7. That's a lovely setup you have there. Good looking grow so far.
  8. I doubt i will be awake at 12am, I'm rolling one now, about to chow supper then bed time for work again tomorrow. So to qualify before the germination deadline, I have now 4x beans showing. I am still optimistic of the other two but they will be my babies to do Totemic Genetics proud.
  9. Three up this morning, Two still have their husks on, will remove this afternoon/evening if they are still there. But atleast progress!!
  10. Weekly pic update, germing with my clones
  11. I have only one showing, If by tomorrow morning the other's aren't showing do i only have the 1 opportunity?
  12. LukeS

    New kid

    Shot, Yeah man, definitely appreciate the advice. Through implementation and patience she is keeping up her end of the bargain for sure.
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