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  1. Pvt_sToNeR

    www.organicgrow.co.za scam?

    Eish......i wouldint ay, try these braz: 420SA Store Green Thumb Hydro Grow Guru
  2. Pvt_sToNeR

    Better than nothing (Legal Doc)

    This goes mostly out to my fellow growers out there but it isn't a bad idea to have this document in your home where you consume in private either. Legal.pdf
  3. Pvt_sToNeR

    preferred strains to grow in summer ?

    Well i thought you were growing outside because of your concerns of heat. I will let the indoor boys take over from here
  4. Pvt_sToNeR

    preferred strains to grow in summer ?

    Hi @Skillie, Great day as you have fallen into the pit of knowledge. Give us a bit of background on your grow style and what you have to work with, Photos are always welcome.
  5. Pvt_sToNeR

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    @Growsart = @LED God
  6. Pvt_sToNeR

    Quantum Board (QB) Vs Chip On Board (COB)

    Gavita SO MUCH want Edit: I am no expert on lights but if i want HPS, Gavita is what i would go for and if LED is your thing Spectrum King looks the beez. Just meh 2
  7. CBD Strain i would suggest is "Charlotte's Angel", i would love to cross that with one of my daily driver indica's to see if i can find that 50/50. But enouge of the CBD drooling, show us what you got right now ?
  8. Hi Mr.Noodle, I love you enthusiasm I would suggest you get some reputable seeds from a local supplier and request first time grower seeds for you just to get the feel of what the plant requires from you, when you have this down then getting on you CBD train will be a ease. No harm starting out with bag seed either, its just so that you get the basics before working on the CBD strains witch the beans are not cheap on. Cant wait for you to be popping beans left and right!
  9. Pvt_sToNeR

    LED light burn

    I have seen LED Burn but not like this, please keep updated with your methods of salvation
  10. Pvt_sToNeR

    Online store now open

    Will be keeping a lookout for some Clothing Merch 😎