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  1. Pvt_sToNeR

    How do you smoke ?

    Those little Dab worms in that bawl will have my lungs agreeing with your lungs Still very nice pieces you have there bud.
  2. Pvt_sToNeR

    How do you smoke ?

    Stunning piece you have there @Green Leaf Organics and one of a kind as well
  3. Pvt_sToNeR

    How do you smoke ?

    If you are into glass, give Praxis Glass a follow on instagram
  4. Pvt_sToNeR

    How do you smoke ?

    Have you seen Praxis Glass ?
  5. Pvt_sToNeR

    How do you smoke ?

    What is your preferred method of smoking cannabis ? I'm quite a all rounder, as there is a time for a joint/pipe and time for a bong but i will definitely say i'm more of a bong man (Bubbles for the troubles) It gives me instant relief that i'm looking for and the amounts of material needed for a bong rip is much less than a joint. When rolling, i try to only use RAW classic. When smoking pipe, I try stay clear of any metal pipes and keep it only Glass or Wood. When smoking bong, "does it bubble ? Well hand it over " When dabbing, BORO BORO BORO there is no other way. More than welcome to post pics of your favorite setups Keen to hear the different type of people and your preferred method of smoking.
  6. Pvt_sToNeR

    Huge fat leaves normal?

    Strong Indica genetics ?
  7. Pvt_sToNeR

    Roll Call

    Bloemfontein "City of roses" Kush roses that is
  8. @420SA Is there a Vendor section where all these parties can huddle under and give info if requested ?
  9. Pvt_sToNeR

    Black Friday Madness!!

    i was also scared of this, so happy its included as well
  10. Pvt_sToNeR

    Black Friday Madness!!

    Just wanted to thank @YourStonedBuddy for the takealot deal he shared. without shipping R366.00 and R426.00 with shipping, almost made it too the holy number Shipping time is a bit shity but for that deal, beggars cant be choosers
  11. I will sit back and let the more experienced growers help you out with this But just my thoughts on it, if you say the bottom buds are fully white out with there hairs, then i believe a staged harvest would be in order ? Keen to know if i'm wrong or not, so i can also learn along side you
  12. Really a beautiful plant you have grown there @StickyD Do you own cats by any chance ? Well by the picture you have sent i don't really see any white hairs, they all look brown/orange so that is one of the signs harvest is near but if you want to be 100% sure its the right time then you will have too get a jewelers loop to inspect the tricomes colors.
  13. Pvt_sToNeR


    @Batista https://futurama-competition.app.do/ueuyqq/5NV7O4wR
  14. Pvt_sToNeR

    Ethanol Suppliers

    @420SA Keen to see your creations now that the right ethanol has been sourced.
  15. Pvt_sToNeR

    How much do you smoke a day?

    @Breadinator you just took me back man! When it got really tough stems would be crushed, crude pollen taken and rolled with some baki was the way back in the day 🤣