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  1. Also have not had good experiances dealing with hydro herb, they had a sister company last year witch i see isn't part of them anymore....
  2. Would say thank you to Bush fire OG for that tolerance
  3. Broooooooooo, Literally heard the voice in my head as i read it
  4. Flower: Royal Cheese Hash: OG Bubble Hash Rosin: Cheese Rosin Pollen : Indoor Kief
  5. Show off your rolled creations
  6. Warm welcome @EvenSteven
  7. I'm under the impression that you are familiar with Auto growing? I tagged green kush as the man has gone through quite a couple local and international vendors to give some input from the genetic side of things.
  8. Welcome to the forum @Q9550 I've heard good things about Biltong n Buds.
  9. Agreed, but i was not at the previous expo so just want to go check the scene out. 1 day pass
  10. Exhibitors: Kratom for South AfricansThe Cannabis FactoryCeedBoxLandracer CBD Solutionsnfused - Wax LiquidizerCanna Trade AfricaLeafolodagga.co.zaEmmanuella's Inspiration - Purely Organic CosmeticsIrie CBD AfricaViolet GroCCBCannabis Energy DrinkCannabis Oil ResearchCannatradeEasy OilElixinolKim ManagementKnossos SoapMy Green PatchOil2HealthSpectranoidTaste of CannabisThe Nomad BarMiss MedusaCannalifeOrganics MatterInsane FlovoursDandelion JewellyDanny DanhauserBongalongAmeliaSafwaan HoosenJanavi Da SilvaHydro AfricaBuy KratomSofia Maria CostarasTebogo TshabalalaHost monkeysMonique MeszarichGrant OliffRuan Van WykLourie CampherKush QueensJanckeEarthingsCDCSA GauetengChefsbuLloyds AttorneysNazierMeagan StanderPuff Puff PassCara Brynardcurbside caffeMethod SevenCannabis oil researchGavin ChoniTumi itumelangCanbigold
  11. Would be sick to put some names to faces if anyone is planing on going?
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