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  1. Smelly Joe

    Thrips and their damage

    Found this in the book while searching for what was going on.
  2. Smelly Joe

    Thrips and their damage

    This is purely for info purposes. I left the seedlings with a few thrips to see what they do them. Well they did a good job on fucking things up.
  3. Smelly Joe

    My Breeding Project

    Blue Kush Berry male x Blue Kush Berry female. So it's a straight forward breed. Planted another 4 yesterday
  4. Smelly Joe

    Thrips and their damage

    It's an absolute pleasure. At 1st I thought it was a nutrient deficiency but luckily I had some good weed and I kinda started staring. LoL
  5. Smelly Joe

    Thrips and their damage

    Hey all Just thought I'd share my issue I had and slightly still have. This is thrip damage. I let some of the leaves go to get a further idea of what happens. It took me a while to find them but eventually did. Notice of the leaf that is fucked the small tiny black specs..... That's the droppings and tell tale sign of thrips according to the books.
  6. Smelly Joe

    My Breeding Project

    I've always had the odd male in the batch and always chucked it due to habit. But then one day I thought just let it go and see what happens..... Well this is what happened. She is about 4 weeks into flower and looking great. Smells is lurking in the house and she smells thick and heavy. Super excited to puff this one later. Oh and BTW this a Blue Kush Berry you are looking at. Seeing that this is so successful I will be dropping another 5 beans tomorrow to get things going...
  7. Smelly Joe

    What are you planning to grow next?

    Mendisino Skunk Laughing Buddha
  8. Smelly Joe

    San Pedro

    I have quite a few San Pedro's that is rootbound, some recently potted and other that just shot roots. I want to sell a few of them and was thinking of posting it on the Web but I don't see anyone else selling. Can I sell it online or has a law been passed that I don't know about??? Thanks Smelly
  9. Smelly Joe

    Monster cropping... Here we go....

    Reveged and growing for the season. Sorry for the crappy back ground but I'm still hiding her in plain sight until all it well..... I reveged her indoor until about 3 weeks ago.
  10. Smelly Joe

    Hydro grow test advice needed

    I think we are talking about the same hydro system. I can imagine the effort that comes with cleaning the reservoir but im all for that. The system allows for 4 plants in the container but i will go for 1 plant to start off with. I've only read and saw pics of hydro grows and their growth speed so it will all be new to me. Will be getting mine end of this month...
  11. Hey Guys Although I am getting myself ready to get back into Organic growing I have a cab that will be standing empty for a while and I thought that this will be a great opportunity to give Hydro a go. I've always wanted to try and with the hydro store selling a hydro system for R850 i want to give it a go. They also sell Autopots (25L) but the DWC looks like more fun... So which will be better, Autopots or a DWC setup.......
  12. Smelly Joe


    How is those Autopots working out for you. Thinking of getting 1 x 25L pot for indoor
  13. Smelly Joe

    Polystyrene Cup vs. Seedling Tray

    I like those 6 pack seedling trays. cut them apart and transplanting is a breeze
  14. Smelly Joe

    Origin 2019

    Who's going ???
  15. Smelly Joe

    Monster cropping... Here we go....

    My Chemdawg x Candyland cutting also went into flower and started to reveg. She is bushy like a 60's chick but I'm sure she'll provide many buds and many cuttings Smelly