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Canibis seedling eating bugs


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I have a problem with a bug that is shaping the stems of my baby weed plants it doesn't brake it of it just snaps it and takes a few bites out of the Clovers and sometimes one hole leaf will go missing along with the broken sten does anyone have any idee what could cuzz this?

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My money is on a grasshopper or locust judging by the type of damage, they'll munch the leaves and the stems. Difficult to deal with cause they move around a lot. With catterpillars, you'd most likely find them still on the plant and their poop is a dead give away, but they mostly prefer the leaves. 

Smallish plants need extra protection for this reason, decapitated seedlings can't normally survive that kind of damage. If the stem is not completely cut, you could support it with a small stake and try to give it a chance, it might heal. 

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