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Motherland Genetics strains


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First of all thanks a lot to Motherland Genetics for their good customer service! 

My order took longer than usual and they compensated by throwing in 2 free seed packs! Stoked👌

The strains:

*BLACKCHERRY ICE CREAM (Motherland Genetics)

*BUSH CAKE (Bush Hermit)

Does anyone have any experience with these strains?


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7 minutes ago, The_StonedTrooper said:

Sweet, nice score brother. 

What was the seeds you ordered out of interest?

Dont know of these strains myself, I know @Totemicknows the breeder well, maybe he can help possibly. 

My search came back with this only...

Thanks Google 🙈

images (26).jpeg

Haha classic! I only ordered a t-shirt. Thats why i'm so bloody stoked!

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2 minutes ago, Totemic said:

I haven't grown either of those, but do start a log when you pop those beans, so we can all follow along, and give the breeders the exposure

Fosho bro. I'm a man of my word and told the guy(don't know his name) that i will send some positive vibes for his business.

Will probably only grow them when spring arrives but will definitely log the grow👌

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  • 2 weeks later...

You beat me to it! 

Happy to see this yo, I'm planning to run his fem strain or the totemic collab after the 2021 indoor growoff. 

Motherland gifted me a propper lot after I helped with his computer. 

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