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6 minutes ago, Freshlypicked said:

@Q9550 you took off all the leaves...how long before you can harvest? Taking off all the leaves...doesnt that have a negative on the the flowering? Or shortens the life span of the plant?

I think that was him harvesting 😛

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i chopped my Autoflower....my first ever harvest...soo proud

Agree with the bark(acidic) and ''nursery potting soil'' comments. Most ''store bought'' mixes are not ideal for cannabis-some are even lethal. Would suggest you look at aerating the mix as well by

@Freshlypicked I am using the Umya range, but I just have the 3 basic ones, Pot Radix, Pot Grow and Pot Flora. I use those in conjunction with EM Pro Soil and am really loving it. Super easy to use an

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5 hours ago, Freshlypicked said:

Ag damm....didnt even think of that🤯

Yeah it was after trimming lol

She had to get chopped a bit early, had to go to DBN and had no one to look after her, plus a bit of reveg started so was forced to chop. Still a great smoke and even better high IMO I just had a bong now lol:-bongit

I have one more seed left, planning to start it when I get a bigger tent.

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Super baked can't English
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