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  1. Howsit all, Just wanted to say a big thank you to all who responded and provided some very valuable information I ended up going with a KingBrite J series 240w LM301H with UV+IR (https://tinyurl.com/j240wUVIR), yeah I know it was not even part of the options above lol Managed to pick it up for USD185 incl shipping, which worked out to about R2600 when I placed the order. I just felt with the Meijiu boards there was not enough 660nm and UV+IR diodes. The KingBrite has 136pcs 660nm, 8pcs UR and 8pcs IR Will post back when the light arrives in October.
  2. Thanks bro, this got me doing a bit more research last night on 660nm + 730nm From what I gather the 660nm helps boost red for flowering and the 730nm helps wake up or put the plants to sleep faster. 730nm should be used 10/15mins before and after the mains lights switch for the sleep/wake up effect. If 660nm + 730nm is used together then this help with photosynthesis and also reduces flowering times. Please correct me if I am wrong, there is a ton of info out there with so many varying opinions. My issue now is that I cannot get the boards with only 660nm + 730nm If I want the 730nm diodes I will have to go with the original board I posted. This has reduced 660nm diodes: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Meijiu-Qb288-Lm301B-288-Board-240W_1600273410022.html?spm=a2700.12243863.0.0.117c3e5fUPT0w8 VS https://meijiu.en.alibaba.com/product/1600204627439-900283355/Meijiu_Daisy_Chain_Lm301b_Lm301h_Veg_Diy_qb288_qb_288_Board_240w_240_watt_Samsung_pcb_pcba_ir_5000k_sf2000_Meiju_Led_Grow_Light.html?spm=a2700.shop_plgr.41413.12.5a0f621dzVWDWr This is all still so very confusing, never had these issues with HPS LOL
  3. Bro! Thank you for this, exactly the kind of info I was looking for. I think they caught me with the marketing tactics lol I am happy to go with the normal boards + 660nm Would have been nice to have, but if its not going to make much difference then would rather get the extra 660nm pieces.
  4. Did you import from Alibaba or bought locally?
  5. Shot for the reply bro. Is the UV + IR required? I can always just do the simple board with added 66nm
  6. Hi All, Looking to get a new light for my recently purchased tent. I have a 2x4 Mars tent and currently running a ModuGrow 90w + 2x 30 ModuGrow diy boards. Looking to upgrade to a new QB from Meijiu and have been offered a light at a good price I think. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Meijiu-Qb288-Lm301B-288-Board-240W_1600273410022.html?spm=a2700.12243863.0.0.117c3e5fUPT0w8 Looking for any input or advice regarding this light, I can get it with shipping for $176 Any concerns or am I over thinking this? lol Kind Regards
  7. Thanks for the write up man, very informative and helpful. I have been running these lights for quite some time now. He use to also sell the spares when he first got into the scene and I picked myself up 2 of the DIY boards and he threw in the heatsinks for free. I see now he no longer sells the DIY kit or drivers separately so I have purchased one of the 90w lights, I really don't have any complaints wrt these fixtures, they are well priced and pack a punch. The only issue I have is that they are a bit too wide to fit into a small tent properly, as you mentioned, but will be perfect for something like a 1,2m wide tent. I want to run 2 of these in a Mars Hydro 1.2m x 0.6m x 1.8m
  8. Yeah it was after trimming lol She had to get chopped a bit early, had to go to DBN and had no one to look after her, plus a bit of reveg started so was forced to chop. Still a great smoke and even better high IMO I just had a bong now lol I have one more seed left, planning to start it when I get a bigger tent.
  9. @Freshlypicked I am using the Umya range, but I just have the 3 basic ones, Pot Radix, Pot Grow and Pot Flora. I use those in conjunction with EM Pro Soil and am really loving it. Super easy to use and at that price point I think I will be sticking with this range for a while. I still consider myself a noob when it comes to growing so I'm in no position to "recommend" the brand especially since I have nothing else to compare to, but I enjoy using it and it works for me. @Totemic Blueberry Glue - 10L Pot - FF Premium Soil - Umya Nutrients
  10. Agree with you on this one. I absolutely enjoyed the blueberry glue. I have my last seed and don't want to plant it out lol don't want to lose the strain as they not for sale anymore. Hopefully as totemic said they will be available again in Q2, so waiting patiently here lol
  11. Awesome stuff @Aeradix by any chance will you have any tents on sale? I've been eyeing the MARS GROW TENT (120X60X180) for a while now, hook a brother up please man
  12. Congrats on making it through the whole month. I think I would have given up an hour into "Sober October" lol Spark up a bong, you deserve it brother!!!
  13. If you still have the items, would you consider selling the tent separately?
  14. I got PH4, PH7 and PH10 calibration fluids from these guys, 500ml @ R53 each Delivery took 2 days from payment. I was really happy with the service and would definitely support them again.
  15. Q9550

    Any fisherman?

    Finally got a bite on this thread lmao 🤣 Some nice catches there gents!!! I'm feeling so jealous now hahahah. I also enjoy most types of fishing, originally from the coast and we use to do a lot of ski fishing and R&S, i miss targeting those rays and sharks. I found a few spots near me to fish but without company there's not much motivation lol and no one to share a blunt with!!! Mostly bass fishing and a bit of barbel. I would love to learn carp and fly fishing. Maybe after the lockdown we could meet up to throw a few baits and smoke a few blunts, whoever is interested?
  16. How do you deal with the tolerance issue when consuming so much weed? I smoke about 5 bongs +-3gz during the week and a lot more over the weekend. I find that after the 1st bong its impossible to reach the same high again. I miss the days of uncontrollable laughter from when I first started smoking lol
  17. Some awesome autoflower videos on this channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtU2-cpxx18iQ4BvracrxDQ
  18. Q9550


    Any Kendrick fans?
  19. I'm in fourways. Okay cool thanks.
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