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Plant Showoff - Some of your best plants


Hey all,

So thought it could be cool to see pictures of some of your best plants yet and post what they are, which breeders and strain.


I have some Ethos seeds which I need to start growing, quite eager to see how they do. Some look superb, although will add some pictures once I have grown them out... If they are as good as they're meant to be.


So far the best plant I have grown has been a bagseed mystery. She is still busy flowering, quite frustrating that I am not sure of the genetics behind her and will only truly know how great (or not) she is until she has been harvested and dried.

No fancy colours, although I like the bud structure and she is full of trichomes and smells super fruity!



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Hybrid plant named -''Bubblegum''
Seems to be leaning more towards the indica side.
Beans were a gift from a friend.
Uber Dense colas, oddly scented almost like vicks vapo rub.
(And she is making me work for it cause the spidermites like this one.)

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Got a few favorites from the past year.

Devil Cream Auto by Sweet Seeds

Selected for uniqueness. Terps are an unusual floral citrus. The colouration of sugar leaves and calyxes are so dark it almost borders on black. Bud structure not very dense though. 




OGKZ (pheno #1) from Humboldt Seeds

Selected for trichome production, strength and plant expressions. Trichome-laden bud with leaves that fade into blacks near the end of flower. Terps are earthy flavored cookie dough. 



Apollo's Poison Auto by Green Smoke Room

High yielding beast this. One of the nicest autos I've run. Very sativa leaning hybrid, mostly from the Durban Poison lineage. Terps were spicy and berry. Pulled 132g dry off her in less than 3 months from seed. 




Strawberry Glue by TH-Seeds

Another keeper pheno. Excellent lateral branching on this girl and unbelievable trichome production. Very WPM resistant too. Greasy, gassy and earthy terp profile. Knocks HARD. 




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I need to get more lenses in general, although been wanting to get a macro lens and then a 50mm lens for a while.

Never worked with any macro lenses though and lighting could be an issue, I know those ring flashes are quite popular for macro though.


Some very nice pics!

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