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  1. @PsyCLown "Too early can also lead to a possible disruption in your REM cycle" very interesting ever since I smoke my own stuff I dont have groggy mornings so much.
  2. @Ill_Evan There no such thing as Indica gives me couch locked effect and sativa gives energy its all subjective. My same strain produced a harvest that i felt like made me lazy and my latest harvest is an energetic one.....same strain. Just like a wine, how its grown and at what latitude and altitude its all different factors.... my theory.
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    @SuMi The girls look healthy man well done. Just remember they will double in size in flower.
  4. @Ill_Evan Well AK47 is weed, maybe the others are some secret strain we dont know about... I would love to try the rocket launcher.. light it up bra!
  5. And another one bites the dust! https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2019-11-20-watch-this-man-can-start-a-mini-war-raid-exposes-arms-cache-dagga-lab/ People please dont keep your guns next to your plants!
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    @SuMi Welcome bud... hhmm I would advice not to aim for growing the biggest buds, growing big buds requires 100% environmental control or you WILL get bud rot and mold. Send some pics 😉
  7. @Trailblazer420 Doing great man!.... I can just imagine how stoned you gonna be after your first puff!
  8. @trichomechaser wow man, you should send your images to National Geographic!
  9. @greenkush Great frosting man you grew that yourself? Did you get it from these guys? https://strains.cannamaps.com/slurricane/
  10. Am sorry I posted a "random" video that has nothing to do with cannabis my bad.
  11. @SkunkPharm I love my local pavement special, she hardy produces shit loads of buds and a nice high, can grow a bit out of hand indoor lol I had a peach hybrid strain... had to kill her midway flowering 90%covered in PM while my local strain next to it had none. Yes there are great strains out there and 20+% THC, but just like dog breeding when you over breed you get weaknesses in the genetic.... my opinion.
  12. Check this guy out, I was in total shock how he manhandled her, and relaxed watching him at the same time.
  13. @Trailblazer420 I was worried about low temps, done 0 here this winter re heating.... Best grow so far, just cloning takes longer.
  14. @Stinger96 Meh my brother got them for the kids room... They shitty.
  15. @kidtsido Good luck man... hope u don't stay in the Cape of storms!
  16. @Totemic Capitalism does not have to involve money... any capital will do. I have apples you have bud lets exchange.
  17. @Totemic I total agree with "Cannabis in its entirety should never have been allowed to be statuted in law at all" It also pisses me off that big money are commercializing it, makes it hard for small people to get on top. Your "anti capitalist" are a bit disturbing. People think capitalism is an ideology, its not its an natural system of exchange btw goods/services. Opposite of capitalism is kind of corporatism, and this is the kind that had plagued the world in the last 100 years. Capitalism has caused the most people in history to be pulled out of poverty..... My view... death to Marxism!
  18. @Vera Green I would use those strips as supplemental. You might be better off with a COB!? https://growopz.com/collections/grow-lights/products/cree-cxb3590-cob-grow-light
  19. @Oolong83 I can see this tread becoming a complete mess lol @CreX Nice idea .....Cute man, she so tiny! My clones below, took 4 WEEKS to give roots! was worried sick. Rooting in summer took only two weeks.
  20. @Oolong83 Am not a fan of anything pharmaceutical but yah seen guys that have success with Aspirin. I use cheap hormone powder, also seen guys using Aloe plant sap to root.
  21. I've been using a Bestva 1500, almost a year old. Last harvest I got 370G out of it ( I am suppose to grow 4 plants ) So far I am happy with it for the price. To add as supplemental I have 2x 50w cheap floodlights.
  22. Controversial topic. Can anyone tell me if a plant knows the difference between organic or synthetic Nitrogen? Is there a difference in the molecular structure between them?
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    Only one person!
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