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  1. Sorry if I'm breaking rules here, but FCUK man, I'm well stocked man.
  2. Thank you to the believer's. Inspiration to grow so many more of Mother Nature's other herbs. Cottage Industry packaging for now using recycled materials.
  3. Tastes like the smell of rosemary according to my wife with a hint of pine.
  4. Tasting the product of a rosemary harvest. Double filtered Rosemary Macerated Oil. Macerated is the correct terminology for the extraction/fusion process I use.
  5. Good luck with the future ventures bud. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  6. Good advice. Print and stick that up on your wall. I subscribe to Field's of green for all and have everything concerning your rights and the law up on my wall. Like the pubs have their license and permit to trade on display I try the same. Not a license to trade but my rights according to the government. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  7. A case happening in Atlantis area at the moment. A friend who owns a farm, ie owner and landlord. Another so called friend (fucked us all over with his charm and shenanigans), tenant. Tenant convinced landlord he had a license to grow. Tried warning landlord there is no such thing for private yet. Tenant grew 100 odd trees plus some up in Greyton and then some indoor. Tenant thought he was a big boy and supplied various gangs in Atlantis. Landlords farm got raided as drug squad had been watching tenant's dealing. They found just under 15kg flower vacuum packed in 1kg packs in the landlords house and some unlicensed ammunition and licenced weapons. Area rented by tenant they bagged close to 150kg of cannabis harvested, drying and curing, hash and hash processing equipment (two mini washing machines). Tenant on the run. Landlord and his wife spent the weekend in the cells. Cops and the drug squad were very professional with the raid apparently although they [emoji780] the wife for answering the door with a cocked pistol. She saw cars screeching into the farm and dude's in balaclavas with guns surrounded her house. You wanna get shot, try that shit out here where we live in the bush. After the weekend in jail for whatever legal police reasons they at home. Told by the police and drug squad they have nothing to worry about and no charges against them. They after the tenant. I asked the landlord where am I going to source flower for my products now. The fucker smiled at me and says 'they left the flower where it was'. Looked at it, photographed it and left it. Suppose it depends on the raiding cops understanding or not of the law unfortunately. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  8. Yeah, thanks man. Gotta try. Only time I look back is to make sure there are no stragglers. I'll DM you details. Haven't paid the fees to plug myself. Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
  9. Beginning of lockdown when fags were expensive I experimented on herbal recipes for my vape while I was waiting for my beer to brew. One thing lead to another and we now grow a variety of herbs and West Coast Vaper was born. I get to walk out into the nursery and pick herbs as and when needed for projects now. A little lavender and rosemary harvest for a pork brisket rub I'm working on for a client. Unfortunately my CBD grow ended up not being CBD so have a few unhappy customers.
  10. And just like that, no more braai days for AntZilla. It's that time of the year, mist hangs around till 10ish these mornings and the first sign of bud rot. Small but it's the start. Had flash backs of Haunted Kush Cake what with the aromas, colour and ease of trim. Another one of my threads closed. Thanks for tagging along.
  11. AntZilla going strong. I'll try and get in there with the microscope tomorrow.
  12. Thanks man. It's been driving me nuts Sent from my S40 using Tapatalk
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