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  1. @AcidAlice - thanks for the help, I will most probably do some low stress training, but not a lot more
  2. I currently have a 4 x 4 tent with a Mars1600 LED in - how many Auto's would fit into this size tent with the currently light?
  3. This is what my growth look like thus far
  4. @Dank - they are not 12/12 yet - maybe another 2-3 weeks, like I said this is my first grow, so I am not exactly sure what to look for and on the other hand super nervous to mess up my females with some horny males 😉
  5. These are two different plants - I hope this helps. I am not exactly sure as this is my first grow, so I am going on what I think I know - but the help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi guys and gals Just want to make sure that my sex n is correct before I pull this plant - is this a male?
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