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    Cotton Candy, Super Silver Haze
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    Outdoor, Cocopeat and Perlite
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    LED Full Spectrum 800 to 1200W
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    6 55L Buckets, Perforated Pots, 100L Tank, Organic Matter being tested when introduced to DWC.
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    Organic Compost made myself.
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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    Joints, Pipes, Bongs and Edibles yet to try Vape

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  1. Only got 1 male out of all of the seeds. Still need to get a bigger pot for the last lady but so far all except for CL #5 of the ladies have been repotted
  2. So far so good!! They are looking healthy. Cannot wait to harvest these babies.
  3. Day 47 and everything is looking good topped 3 out of the 4 females. Did LST on CL #4 CL#1 still just growing straight.
  4. They are looking really good bro!! Healthy!!
  5. I have topped 2 of the females and the other 2 I havent done anything yet will still decide if they get a LST or just a trim.
  6. So the CL #2 that I thought was a male turns out to be a Hermy.. The rest are showing all to be beautiful females.. Cannot wait to see these babies grow..
  7. I am going to stick with 25L pot.. Wish I could go bigger but there should be enough root space for a good looking Chocolope.. The way things look on @Totemic side going to really love this strain!!
  8. Day 35.. 28/10/2019 Chocolope #3 has shown its feminine side so repotted her in the 25L Mantis bag and Chocolope #2 has shown his balls.. the rest have yet to show anything.. but looking happy and strong.. Think I may keep Mr CL #2 at a distance, he may come in use..
  9. Day 27 and they are looking happier.. The dog had bumped one pot over so I am already 1 down.. Raining season has started.. a few drops have been falling so expecting a good growth spurt.
  10. Looking really really good!! What you mean growing slow.. Excellent condition!!
  11. They are growing a bit slow, was alot of wind and been very hot.. but they are looking good so far.. 19 Days after seed drop
  12. So these beautiful genetics have decided to bless me with all 6 popping out to say good morning.. I am not sure if this is only mine but the seedlings are very tiny. Kinda cute if you ask me
  13. So this morning I noticed something strange, well actually last night already but was pretty late to do anything but some how the river sand and chicken littering caused a water log that was just sitting there and the kak just made it worse.. The load of water was myself trying to flush and loosen the roots to get them out.. Do not use Chicken Litter or River Sand.. What a mess. But I am sure you guys already know this.. 




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