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Found 4 results

  1. Howzit guys I started this adventure trying to find the cheapest and simplest way to grow some good bud. Unfortunatly from my personal experience. There isint really a cheap way. If you dont want to be frustrated and and have issues all the time and have a successfull grow to be proud of. U need to spend a decent amount of cash. Enjoy. . . Germination So i germinated 1 banana monkey seed from biltong and budz. Thursday night(9-07-2020) 13 hours in a shot glass. Then moved to a paper towel. And a plastic bag and left in darkness near my modem for warmth.(10-07-2020) .Until a taproot was visible. GROW setup Big shoutout to the forum for helping me get this grow box right. @CreX @Prom @Fridgedoor @StickyD420 @Bakstein420 @TheUltimateNoob @Ill_Evan @oldsandals @Totemic @ORGANinc. Full DIY vegbox 500x700 x 1000 high (double wall cardboard) 2 x side intake vents cutout with net coverings. 1 x 150w acdc cool white floodlight (Highly reccomended by @Crex. 1 x high power pc extractor fan. 2 x air circulation pc desk fans inside. 1 x chinese air humidifier 2 x white box stands to raise the pots to the light. Inside of the box was covered in foil. And then sprayed matt white for even light distribution. Grow medium and nutez. Freedom farms classic(green bag) Biobizz - gro- bloom-topmax Seagro 2 galon fabric pots Grow monitoring Hygrometer for temp and himidity Ph pen(ordered from wish) Tds pen(ordered from wish) No timer used. Temperature range Night low 17 degrees Day high 26 degrees. This grow box is solely for veging and providing the dark cycle for the plants. When flowering starts. Plants will be moved outside at specific times and back to dark at specific times. I will start of with 24/0 And then with the advise advise of the forum change my cycle. Will probably use the veg light to extend the daylight hours just a little bit. COSTING BREAKDOWN. 5 Seeds with delivery- R430 Nutrients biobizz nd seagro- R800 Syringe and jiffy starters- R20 Soil -R200 Fabric pot and sauser-R75 Pc extractor fan- free Double wall Cardboard box-R140 Foil- free Matt spray paint -R70 2 x circulation fans and cables-R120 Humidifier- R100 Hygrometer-R100 Veg light -R380 Extension cable and multiplug-R100 Ph pen+shipping -R150 Tds pen+ shipping - R140 Microscope+ shipping- R70 420 FORUM advise - FREE FREE FREE Total = R2895 More to follow. . .
  2. What up 420SA Sorry. But this is going to be abit of a long 1. Just out here tryna start a basic, budget, Covid-19, winter grow while confined to the spaces of my home. So i tried growing once before. Failed. Had alot going on. Didnt try again until now. When we are on lock. Anyway. Since i have not figured this shit out yet. I am going to be messing around with bag seeds until i get somewhat of a useable plant. I am basically just trying to grow as a hobby. As something exciting to do while chilling at home. Not expecting amazing yields. Or the best looking plant or anything like that. I just want that rewarding feeling of growing my own plant from start to finish. So anyway. It is winter. So abit of a challenge. I did manage to germinate in a shot glass and then paper towel. Roughly 36-40 hours. Tap roots were about 12mm long. Got my hands on some coco(R40)(cheap stuff-brick form). Rinsed it out. Got me a small bag of perlite(R20).(tons of videos and mixes i have seen have perlite. Never used it before.) Added abit of bone meal(about R40)and root starter pebbles(lying around) to the coco and perlite. Just for a sprinkle of nutrients. Until i manage to get my hands on some easily accessible (walk-in-store) "cal-mag" / "cannabis growing soil" So after mixing them all together. I potted in some 1 liter lunch tins that looked cool and were R10 at a discount store close to home.(i did drill a bunch of holes for drainage.) So i wanted to start with this coco mix( as alot of people say coco is the easiest for new growers to get started). And either transplant and keep the same mix. And add the cal-mag supplement needed for coco. Or Get a right kinda soil. And when ready to transplant. Use the soil. You guys can advise. So now since its cold as B#$%S these days. I decided to get some cheap LEDs 20w each. 1670 lumens each. 6000k each. (from the same discount store - R100 for 3 lights. With fittings) Lux meter reading below with the plants about 50mm away from soil For the seedling stage and to just extend the daylight hours at the moment. I thought it would be a good idea to have those. So the plan is . Keep the plants in the sun between 9am, bright and warm until 5pm, still considerably bright and warm. And the rest of the time it could be under the 3 lights. I am still gona figure out how much of darkness to give them. You guys could advise on that aswell please. I am starting with 5 bag seeds. I am expecting to end with atleast 1 plant or 2 at most. So potted the germinated seeds on Tuesday evening. Really impatient. Hope i get something to grow. Bored as hell in these troubling times of ours. Sorry about the long message. Lockdown is getting to me. Please give me as much direction and opinion as you like. I am open to suggestions. Ask questions and for pics if needed.
  3. Geminated on the 29th of April 2020. Choco NL by @Totemic Using Justcannabis soil, potted in normal plastic pots. Added Explogrow and Micromatter from Plantmatter SA, using Seagro and Kelp for foliage spray. Transplanting into Plantmatter SA fabric pots Images to follow soon
  4. Hi All new and novice grower here, and need some help. Iv just planted 2 strains now. A white widow and a Northern blue tut. I succesfully germinated both seeds in the glass of water method, they both had a small taproot form but as soon as the tip appeard maybe 1-2 millimeters i planted them in a coco peet pre nutrition mix. About 2 cm deep in soil Now the white widow did fine its already appeared and making progress it took about 2 days to rise above the soil the king tut however hasnt. Just wandering if somethings wrong or is this a stain that might take longer to sprout. and whats the longest youve waited for a strain ( maybe indica strain) to sprout after planting. Conditions might not be perfect as summers coming to an end, its slightly colder at night, but iv been told indicas do slightly better in cold than sativas dues to their origins, but soil is damp not wet and not dry, its basically an outdoor setup, but after about 4:30 i put them under a basic 100w regular garden LED. for extra light. Any help would be appreciated.
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