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  1. Cheers 420sa.

    Next time you wanna single someone out first have a chat with said person.


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    2. Totemic


      Bummer bru. Please PM me an alternative contact. I'd hate to lose the connection.

    3. 420SA


      Dude it's really simple. I allow you to advertise your lights then anyone should be allowed to. I contacted you by PM and you read the message. You ignored it and so clearly didn't want to "chat".

      Also, how were you singled out? Your post was only hidden...

      Please read the forum rules

    4. Master_G


      its really simple. My 196 posts and my contribution is 0. i have nothing more to say. This could have been handled differently but  thats probably reserved for people ober 200 posts. haha

      other than than i suppose im stepping on toes. its ok. 

      im just a home grower who got a light. not some.big fckn company i barely pay my rent lol. 

      anyway Fatcats unite

      peace out 🤣🤣🤣

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