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  1. Now I know what the meaning of “beating a dead horse” is all about.....its nada not going to happen
  2. Don’t get too hyped happened here no weed no smoke an was to small.....sucked
  3. Welcome. Just remember google is a friend
  4. Well than you have come to the right place........ Welcome
  5. Could you have damaged the roots? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Transplant shock....... They should bounce back. Here is some readingz https://www.sensigarden.com/transplanting-cannabis/
  7. @YourStonedBuddy Did you come right ? I found this @ HydroHerbAfrica they had different sizes Numbers and are about 1meter by 1meter but at a moerse price R2K ...... Do you know how many beans that can buy.
  8. And another thing I think the local growers have heavy sweat on the ballz........not easy
  9. And yes we need to have a chat to mr de beer
  10. The way I see it you are either a clown to start a franchise or a hero
  11. Don't think you will get it localy. Do a search on ebay for "kief box" or "Pollen Sifter Box" If you do however get it local please let me know.
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