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  1. Grow update (week 2) ~Green morning to all, seedlings doing good so far, moved 2 into their new pots and getting the DWC system sorted for the other 4. CKC2 after the move to new pot ~Will finish up the Veg box this week and upload some pics of the results, the 2 Coco beans will go in there and then the DWC system will be home to the other 4 hopefully females. ~I will move the 4 seedlings to their DWC system this weekend and will probably update next week on how their transition went. ~ All seedlings looking happy and ready for some awesome growth. ~ I haven't noticed any mutations or "twins" in my batch of seeds, although two were late to the party but have since catched up to the others. ~ any males will be send to purgatory and pollen collected from them will be used for future breeding projects.
  2. Awesomeness, Thank you for organizing this, will be awesome to see whats cooking in some of these guys grows. Best of luck to all. Greenthumbs!
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