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  1. I'm in fourways. Okay cool thanks.
  2. Q9550

    Any fisherman?

    Howsit, Anyone into bass fishing in jhb?
  3. My daily is a bong. Will spark up a joint if company is around and that's the preference for them but yeah nothing hits the spot like a nice ice cooled bong rip. This is her when she was new. Not as clean now lol I change water daily but deep clean on the weekend usually.
  4. VID-20180404-WA0016.mp4
  5. Awe members, Just thought I'd create a thread for when we get baked and need something funny to look at. Share you weed funnies here and let's spread the laughter
  6. Yeah you could do exactly that, i've seen a few guys do veg in flower out and vice versa with great success. My only concern would be during the veg out and flower in cycle, depending on the area you in you might bring bugs and pests into the tent which is never a good thing. I've never used one personally but the Jardin tents look like they worth every cent, looks to be quite a sturdy design. Are you purchasing locally?
  7. @420SA is this seed exchange live now? Would be interested in swapping some seeds with the community
  8. Howsit How much is that tent costing you if you don't mind me asking, don't see pricing on the site... Have you seen this: https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/mars-grow-tent-1-2m-x-0-6m-x-1-8m/
  9. If you are using the Epsom salt as a substitute for calmag, that won't work. Epsom does not contain any calcium but it's good for magnesium deficiency.
  10. Howsit man, I've grown a few autos before and just got some new auto seeds. Going to start my grow soon. I recommend starting in the final pot because autos are quite fragile and even minimal root damage will set you back a few days of growth and with autos you need to get them as big as possible as quick as possible before flower. For watering I recommend during seedling stages you water directly at the base of the stem. I've also used another trick I picked up on another forum. Plant the seed in a solo cup with the bottom of the cup cut off take that cup and bury it about half way into your final pot. During seedling stages you water like you normally would water a seedling in a solo cup. As soon as the plant passes the seedling stage and is ready for more water and nutes you water outside of the solo cup. Will try and find a pic and upload it, it might make more sense as I'm quite stoned on some blue cookies right now lol
  11. Q9550


    Welcome man. Recently joined myself and the forum has been quite helpful thus far. Nice bunch of people here. You growing anything at the moment?
  12. So my seeds finally arrived today from biltong and buds. Everything looks good except one of the tubes were cracked, thankfully the seed is fine. I also got an extra seed of the auto big bud, I'm sure it was an error on their side as I only ordered one of them. Sent them an email asking if I can EFT them the cash if it was an error. Now to decide what to grow first. I'm thinking the big bud 🤔
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