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  1. Any retailers planned for the cape?
  2. hey @cubebrix ! Welcome to the forums I used to grow with that light from growopz, i managed to pull just under a gram per watt (0.98g/w) with two plants in a 1 x 0.5 x 1.6m cupboard using the scrog method. Here's the link to the grow thread
  3. looks like my only option locally would be the TD Silent. I see the TD 100mm/4" going for R2500 on futurama😥. How much do they cost on fans.co.za, i see no prices? What size space are you in and what temps are you getting with the 87CFM extraction?
  4. Thanks for the response bud! You have somewhat answered my question, i thought the metal inline fans would be softer but it turns out a plastic one would be a better choice! Now just to figure out which plastic inline fan is going to be the softest
  5. Which driver did you get? My driver only dims until 50%, after its full blast. i currently have 52CFM extraction, when its cold outside my temps are in the 24-27C range. I fear an inline fan is going to be my only choice if i want to run this light to its full potential
  6. Whats good everyone! Since getting a new light i have been unable to run it at full tilt due to heat issues. With ambient temps of 22-25C in my grow room, my cupboard is still pushing 30C+ 😪 my cupboard is 1m x 0.5 x 1.6, running 240W QB. I have a 100mm PC fan pulling in air from the bottom and a bathroom extractor pulling out ontop. The plan is to use the bathroom extractor to pull in air from the bottom and to get a silent inline fan to extract the warm air out & then using the PC fan to pull air straight off the heatsink. I've had a good look online, there isnt a huge selection to choose from but looking to get the most "silent" option available. Anyone have suggestions?
  7. ive got it outside my space, i have it dimmed down to about 60-70%. Hitting 30C when outside temps are 26C+ From Meijiu?
  8. Yeah! Pulled the trigger on a 240W QB from alibaba
  9. ive also been struggling with heat after getting my new light. Going to upgrade to a better extraction fan when the funds become available, hoping it'll sort it out!
  10. usually ripping my bong, my tolerance is a bit too high for joints these days 😥
  11. All beans from Fastbuds?
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