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  2. I plan on using console jars and adding the hygrometer myself to the lids with some food grade silicone. Will add a Boveda as well to the jars. The cvaults and such are just too expensive if you're harvesting a lot of bud. I'm thinking the Console canning jars. Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
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  4. I was more referring to Dank letting his seedlings get to 13.c, not anything you've done 🙂
  5. @greenkush thanx for the advise. I am aware of the decrease in metabolism speed under such conditions.. those seeds however were germinated in the same conditions and didn't start of in warmer environment.. I am not stating this is the best way of growing but ey there's nothing wrong with exploring what phenotype wee will observe under these conditions.. haha summer grow is coming still so there will b time.. watch the progress I guess
  6. How are your roots looking? Pristine white? Or alil unhappy?
  7. Anything below 19.c the plant metabolism essentially starts to slow down before eventual death. Best to try keep them from having extreme temperature swings.
  8. @Dank much appreciated🙏. I suspect it to drop to about 7 or 8°c at night in the lil grow enclosure but it might even drop lower.. I'll take a pic of the temperature reading first thing in the morning and post..will also see to keep track of temp readings at night for interested sake.. day temps are perfect within standstandard SI room temp conditions..slowed growth at first but once heat is introduced it'll get a solid burst plus these babies can withstand anything if they survive this.
  9. Mind sharing your labeling device? i'm finding my chicken scratch hand writing harder to read these days.
  10. Chocolope 001 have 5 nodes now. Moved "her" to bigger container. Changed GHE nutrients to Growing.
  11. Your babies are looking good @LukeS I think most of us germinated a bit earlier in the comp, I'm sure yours will pick up speed soon!
  12. If temps are a bit of a problem, DWC can be quite effective in the winter with a aquarium heater hookup. Keep the roots around 18c - 20c.
  13. Are those rapid rooters which you're using? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  14. Dank


    Feeling blessed
  15. Weekly Update: Just a quick update, haven't had much time this weekend. I will do a better update but they all looking good, albeit not as good as some of the other's in this competition. Some of you are getting crazy growth already. Anyhow, herewith my pics. Also don't have as much experience and have to rely on FF soil, I will be building my own soils for future grows. Have only been watering with Kelpak for now.
  16. Excuse the n00b question, but what is windburn exactly? Sent from my Redmi Note 7 Pro using Tapatalk
  17. I find that the screw on is better. But it will also depend on the quality of the fliptop container. The consol jars I use have strenthened lids to take the hygrometer and a improved seal. I'm happy.
  18. I use consol jars with hygrometers I got from wish. Was like R200 for 10 hygrometers. Id love CV vault but they are too expensive
  19. So between jars with screw on tops or flip open tops what would you say is best, which seal better I mean?
  20. With a bit of luck and patience, I can hope for the same 😂 thanks man!
  21. @Totemic Cool cool cool. It could be the rough cold start they had too. Let’s see how they turn out and compare to another Chocolope I have. Thanks for the donation 🙏👍
  22. Day 8 - 16/06 I did not catch the damping off early enough and removed the 2 infected as they won’t make it. They are still growing funky but doing alright. Looking forward to see them reach adulthood!
  23. Haha. They are super fresh with the blocking enzymes only clearing up now. As said before. Morphed phyllotaxy, specifically whorled phyllotaxy, as well as twins are common with this cross and have been around since the F1s. You are growing out F4s. The male was responsible for this but there are no negatives with the expressions.
  24. Yes I looked around and it seems I am not the only with weird ones. I wonder how old those seeds are and how they were stored... 🤔 let’s see how they go
  25. Howzit Bru [emoji109] Im using a combination of explogrow and nutes 5ml Biogrow to to 20lt of water have have a strict feeding of 250ml per plant every 2 days , way less than what i used to feed them almost a 1lt daily and im seeing better results. My "WSS" Donny Burger looked dead and is revegging after almost three weeks from soaking the seed sprouting and repotting [emoji2962][emoji271] Peace and love SBA Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  26. Unlikely, if we've been taught anything about this useless government, it's how utterly inept they are boosting the economy with a gold mine right underneath them.
  27. https://businesstech.co.za/news/business/323689/south-africa-is-on-the-cusp-of-its-own-booming-and-legal-cannabis-industry/
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