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Cheeeeeese in Cape Town 🧀🧀🧀



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9 minutes ago, SkunkPharm said:

My brother I have grown them all and it’s not worth the time and effort. There is allot better stuff to grow. The underground guys are keeping there real cut close.

Shot bud, I've grown about 5 different cheese strains, with only about 3 slight variations, but for sure different charactaristics with a cheese "overtone". 

I am doing a favour for a grower with a big open space that keeps quite a bunch of mothers, he wants to build up a library of cheese cuts to work with, not really looking for "the best one".

I completely agree about there being much better stuff to grow and people protecting the black market cuts. I've told him that too, but it's not really relevant to him right now. 

He popped some cheese seeds none of them got any charactaristics that would resemble anything cheese related. I gave him the SC cut from dagga farmacy, blew him away, and we smoked some big buddha, he wanted to get his hands on that cut too and a couple days later he asked what cheese cuts I can get my hands on. so I just said I'll throw out the question and see what happens. Cause I know I've heard about at least 10 different "amaaaaazing" cheese cuts on this site alone, not really out here looking for the best thing to grow or even the best cheese to grow. 

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You guys ever tried the Green House Seed Co variant?

Arjan (the owner) was the guy who did the Strain Hunter documentaries, and South Africa was part of that trip. I'm sure its pretty close to the original:


Exodus Cheese (the only original Cheese)."

They took landrace strains back home. Pretty sure Arjan is also one of the people who introduced exodus to the rural growers in the mountains as well. Remember something like that when I watched the documentaries. 🤷‍♂️

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I had a cut of the CT Exodus cheese. Is good but nothing overly special. Not sure if the old genetics of the cut were responsible or the plant had the grow characteristic itself, beside the end colas it was more a fluff flower, so shit genetics if you want to resell. For home smoke, you get cheese and it hits. The plants are super thirsty like a Sour Diesel.. they drink at least double of a usual strain.. so you're short on water, stay away. They also get very fast irritated when under watered.. is not a easy strain to grow as is not overly stretchy but leafy. You really want to have a cheese in your mother tent or you will not go through the stress. Was the strain I was always willed to replace if I find better genetics.  

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