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Any recommendations for a strain that has very high CBD and very low THC?


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Hi fellow mystics, I was hoping you could drop me some strain recommendations of strain that are high CBD / low THC.

I don't know much about CBD strains other than they have a much less psychedelic effect., and then they lost me. 😄 

However, I've read a couple of interesting things about CBD that got this old dog's attention. 

I would love to hear your suggestions / recommendations.

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For CBD I always recommend:

Dutch Passion's Charlotte's Angel - https://marijuanasa.co.za/product/charlottes-angel-cbd/ 

Dr Seedsman 30:1 CBD - https://groenseeds.com/product/doctor-seedsman-cbd-301-3-seeds-feminised/

Seedsman CBD 30:1 Pink Kush Auto - https://groenseeds.com/product/pink-kush-cbd-301-3-seeds-auto/ 


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The last medical seeds i purchased (Charlottes Web) were just junk seeds (10$ a bean junk seeds). As it was for a person with epilepsy, i got it tested to be able to mix the right concentration.. is how I found out I got sold junk. Had more THC then CBD and was declared with <1% THC. What ever you buy and want to use as medical application... you MUST get tested. As seeds look the same and people usually don't test what they grow.. the medical seed market is totally fucked up.

I remember that I must have made a rather stupid face when the guy told me that the concentration i washed had 37% THC and 29% CBD.. totally useless junk.. really totally useless 😂 I wrote the seed bank... never got an answer back 😉 Last time I looked into Medical Seeds.

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