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(Outdoor) Chocolate Gelato, Tortoni and Grapefruit Sourz by Totemic Cannacraft


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On 2/11/2022 at 7:41 PM, Weskush said:

Also just germinated a Grapefruit Sourz and Tortoni x Cheese. Amped to see the outcome🔥

Unfortunately my Grapefruit ran into some major issues and had to be dealt with ........... 

We got some decent rain and last week for like 3 days and afterwards I noticed this starting on all the lower nodes of each branch on The GFS sooo yeah all other plants are getting checked on regularly now and seem fine, I've been using some EcoBuzz root pro on them just in case :poke



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Oooooh man it's been a while 😬 

So this season has been a hectic one and as life goes we can't spend all our time doing the things we love 😆 Gonna be a short update of the last pics I got in my gallery as my notes on some of the strains I tried out for the first time are a mess atm 

Tortoni by @Totemic  

Easy to grow - I struggled to keep it around the size I would've wanted; side branching can easily get out of control and plant will definitely need supports/ties if you plan on growing it a decent size - I'm really bad with picking out specific terps but I can definitely say it's terpy AF. 

Plant #1 -  



Plants #2 - 


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