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Happy Thursday fellow growers!

This is my state of affairs while its raining lekker outside. We have a so much to be grateful for.

Friends, family, a warm home, the gift of the herb and of course a lekker little handmade clay bong gifted to me from @John Stonedwell ✌️  Blessings brother. You are truly a kind human being👌


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9 hours ago, The_StonedTrooper said:

@John Stonedwellsending you my postal address 😂

JK, but if I could make use of that beautiful art, I'd purchase one from you sir

Not only do you get stoned well, you make stone well too, good work 

Thanx for the kind words man. But I can't take credit for this one.

A lady very close to my heart does pottery and made this little awesome 1 hitter bong and as I was sending @Weskush a seed I thought I might as well fill up the package.

If you are really interested in one pop me a message then we can hook you up.

I learnt how to use Pudo and makes sending items really cheap and affordable. R50 for locker to locker and they have a good footprint across SA.

Have an awesome Friday. 


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