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Help Identifying this bug and best way to remedy the situation?

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Hi Community,

I've been noticing a few of these cocoon like things on some of my plants. Don't know what they are and would like to get rid.converted-IMG_5800.thumb.jpg.7b06536d9e9f03043cf4315918912a8c.jpg

The ants seem to be drawn towards them...


Looks almost furry around the sides.


When I turned it over it looked like some bug that had laid some type of small red eggs. Still quite visible to the human eye. The ants still intrigued by it.converted-IMG_5803.thumb.jpg.19bb7dd81f96a8df9994d4669daa37e5.jpgconverted-IMG_5805.thumb.jpg.f0127eec1cc734344ed94acc415ec396.jpg

I have removed what I managed to find and squashed it on the ground. Quite soft and squishy.

Would appreciate if someone could steer me in the direction of a fix.

Thanks in advance! 🙂





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Hi, not 100% sure but these could be mealy bugs. They produce honeydew which the ants harvest. The ants transport them to other host plants in turn. Check them out on google, but I believe neem oil would work against them.

Edit: I wouldn't use neem if you're too far in flower already.

Edit edit: @GreenGrow Garden Routefound the match. Never saw those around yet. Thanks man, that info might come in handy in future. 

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Thanks to both of you for your replies. Went down a little rabbit hole on both insects, so worthwhile having read up on the additional info. 

Definitely looks like the Cottony Cushion Scale. Not ideal, but far from a disaster pest.

Neem Oil, Insecticidal Soaps & Power Spray Bottles should do the trick for anybody else dealing with this and coming across this in the future!

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