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  1. Thanks to both of you for your replies. Went down a little rabbit hole on both insects, so worthwhile having read up on the additional info. Definitely looks like the Cottony Cushion Scale. Not ideal, but far from a disaster pest. Neem Oil, Insecticidal Soaps & Power Spray Bottles should do the trick for anybody else dealing with this and coming across this in the future!
  2. Hi Community, I've been noticing a few of these cocoon like things on some of my plants. Don't know what they are and would like to get rid. The ants seem to be drawn towards them... Looks almost furry around the sides. When I turned it over it looked like some bug that had laid some type of small red eggs. Still quite visible to the human eye. The ants still intrigued by it. I have removed what I managed to find and squashed it on the ground. Quite soft and squishy. Would appreciate if someone could steer me in the direction of a fix. Thanks in a
  3. Hello 420SA, Great to be here and very happy to have found a strong local community with buckets of knowledge and expertise on this amazing plant. I'm a Uni student located in the Southern Suburbs region of Cape Town. I've been an on-and-off outdoor grower for a few years and definitely consider myself a novice still. I would like to improve my growing skills by engaging with the wealth of knowledge this forum hosts. I currently have 7 outdoor photoperiods going; 2 being in the ground, the rest in pots. Most are bag seed of decent genetics I've collected and then I have 1 Wedd
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