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Hey guys 

Needed some advice. 

I have been growing a Autoflower on my balcony, "Super Lemon Haze by canucks"

She is in a 30 liter fabric pot with FF soil, green bag, she is been fed with biobizz. (Very light on the nutes, feeding every 7 to 10 days, at 2mls per liter of the grow and bloom). Planted 29 Oct 2020, still waiting for her to show sex...she does look pretty big for a autoflower. 

I decided not to train as I was to afraid that I may do more harm then good, as this is my first grow, with no previous experience I didn't wanna mess it up.

I will attach pics below, can you guys recommend if I should defoliate or not.

PS: I have removed the yellow leave closer to the soil




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If it’s on a balcony the sun is moving constantly so less defoliation is needed.

I would leave her as is for a week or two and reevaluate.

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Defoiling you do for a reason. In general to open the flowers better to the sun and bring more air to the plant, some strains get VERY leafy. When your plant grows as nice and open as yours, see zero reason to actually do a defoiling. Go on with what you do and remove the leaves the plants give up them self. Rest, let them be 😀 very nice job till now! 

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Being an auto, you want to be more selective with how you defoliate as well.


However does not look too cramped, airflow looks as if it will be fine etc.

I like to lollipop my plants before flower and during the stretch phase to help reduce the popcorn and fluff and help increase airflow and light penetration etc.

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