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Rheumatoid Arthritis


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Hey guys.

So my mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and has recently tried oils with great success.

The problem is she hates the "spaced out" feeling it causes.

She has an extremely low tolerance to stuff, like half a glass of JC le roux puts her to bed.

Can anyone recommend a high CBD low THC strain that would help her condition?

Thanks in advance,

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So there are a few which have THC of less than 1% and a decent amount of CBD.
Dutch Passion has Charlottes Angel which I am busy growing out for reasons very similar to you.
I believe @SkunkPharm has grew it out a few times and says no high from it at all.
CBD is upto 15 or 16% on the Charlottes Angel apparently.
Just harvested a Charlotte this morning. Such an amazing strain high yielding, stable. Their are 2 phenos that I have found. A purple and green one. You can also look at Dinamed Cbd plus and Doctor Seedman CBD 30:1. I don't like growing the auto's they are a waiste of time and effort.
Don't grow a mix of 1:1 cbd as you still get stoned from that.

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Been supplying for that need for a long time now @Bakstein420 

Dosage is everything, Just as full spectrum is everything. Organic sungrown is the Best.

Then its down to dosing. SolidEarth rolls out a 3mg/ drop med that is easy to tune.

RA is not to be toyed with as their are several other parts to a curative protocol. Is not an illness - its a condition. Self inflicted. Easy to cure.

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