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Trifecta crop control

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Hi, I came across this natural product that grow operations use in the US. Consting of essential oils and a couple of easily obtainable chemicals as seen below.

What do you guys think? Have you used essential oils before as pest control and or for mildew?

I have mixed a batch and will keep you posted 2fd974f3bcbe8dde5e084b5d9255b892.jpg


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Yeah that sounds very similar to what I'm using. Keep us updated on the results please.


For PM I'm trying the ph swing- dose with acidic and then alkaline. Only started so jury is still out on efficacy.


For nasties with more than 2 legs...

Currently using a clove mix.

Pretty good results on spidermites thrips and aphids.

Cloves, garlic and Italian herbs (rosemary, thyme) with soap as wetting agent.

It's cheap to make, pretty safe to use/biodegradable and plants don't suffer.


I have used a peppermint oil spray previously, it didn't have the desired effect on mites.


The clove and tobacco mix is also pretty good.



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