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  1. Almost time to harvest. Not the timeframe dinafem gives.
  2. Yes. Start flowering a few weeks ago. Outside since beginning of November. I am making a cross with a russian haze auto.
  3. First foto 15 October 2019. Second foto today.
  4. I have problems with GSR regular seeds. 9 Seeds no germination.
  5. Dubi

    Any thoughts

    Damage from sunlight in my humble opinion.
  6. too much water for a small plant.
  7. Dubi

    Any thoughts

    Like Dank said it takes about a month before they start to reveg.
  8. Dubi

    Any thoughts

    You can flower with 11 hours of darkness. Last year i started my plants inside and moved them out in September. They all finished in November.
  9. Your plants should flower until mid November and then revert. Check your daylight hours.
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