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Online store now open

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Howzit guys 

Just launched our online store! Right now we're only selling organic growing supplies but will be expanding our options in the near future with apparel and paraphernalia. Hope you guys like. Feedback welcome.




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I would most definately put my soil up as available in the future. Problem with soils are their weight. That is why I have posted how I make mine. 

If you grow organics long enough you develop your own soil that works for the way you grow. My soils are heavy for example but then my plants are getting full sun and can cope with the "heat" of the soil. Most of veg my plants run a dark emerald green. 

But yeah, Im keen.


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Defo on the seeds...

Was wondering that the other day....

Like why is all the seeds we can get anywhere always imported if it's good and dirt bag seed when you try getting local...

They say local is lekker, but they probably don't do weed...

Why isn't there ever any news of like really lekker local strains, I mean come on, it's like even if you want to get Durban poison you need to get it from overseas, how crazy is that

[End rant]

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