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  1. Thanks for the replies everyone, been unable to reply until today, but managed to take in your guy's advice. I always had the gut feeling that the leaves falling off was too soon to be natural. I think I was letting the medium dry out a bit (probably a bit too much). So I'm increasing my watering / feeding schedule. I probably wasn't watering often enough causing it to dry out a bit too much. I'm not 100% sure how hot those pots get, I didn't actually consider that with them being fabric pots , thought at least it's cooler than plastic. The weather was a bit hotter here, so I understand your diagnosis and what to look out for in the future With regards to the size of the pot, I definitely think a bigger one would've suited the size of the plant, didn't intend for it to get to this size and when I realised a bigger pot would've been more beneficial it was too late to transplant (I think). This is my first grow ever, so using it as a learning experience. Unfortunately three of my plants ended up being male with 2 of them being the plants I practised either topping or LST on. Still got the experience though and that's what counts for future grows (which I will most probably invest in buying fem seeds instead of using bagseed).
  2. Would love for this to be normal yellowing, but it seems to have spread quite a bit, and I'm only about 4 weeks into flowering. Here's some more images to show the spread of the yellowing.
  3. Any suggestions?
  4. Hey all, I know there's been a few cases already of people with yellowing leaves, particularly too early on into flowering. So I wanted to try sort my situation out before it gets too bad if needed As of now, there's two big fan leaves that are yellowing and about three or so smaller leaves yellowing as well: I've also noticed that the centre of the leaves are a bit purple, not sure if that's trait of the strain (good old bagseed for my first grow) I've only been feeding with Seagro and molasses. Nothing specifically for bloom, could this be an issue? or does Seagrow have enough nutes to see me through? Seagro's ingredients: I know yellowing indicates an N deficiency, but there's more N than anything else in Seagro. Could this be normal yellowing, or does it look like a deficiency? Appreciate any advice (or criticism)
  5. This has made me interested in trying a DWC outdoor grow for some veggies / herbs. Thanks guys. @McB, will look at doing something simple like you have. Seems easy enough, just need to read up the what, when and how of nutrients... side note: I couldn't find this thread when searching "DWC" on the site - had to go back in my browser history (not sure how to fine tune the search to pick that up or is it a site issue?)
  6. Thanks guys, Figured as much. Still interested to learn more about hermies. Even though I got a male in the bunch, I still learnt from growing it to this stage - which is great, so won't be pulling it with any regrets.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm like 99.9% sure this is a male, but due to it being my fist grow, thought I'd first check with people with more experience under their belt. So I know that the best thing to do (for everyone's sake) is to chop this guy. Obviously not a great feeling - fully understand why people buy feminised seeds now. haha Do I chop it now or wait a bit? A thought that crossed my mind though, is what is the consensus regarding hermies? And how does one identify a hermie? Is it okay to keep hermies? Will hermies always initially identify themselves as female, and whip out the balls later? Or could my plant possibly be a hermie? Just looking to understand the plant a bit more. I'm growing outdoors from bag seed and I do have 3 other plants, with one I'm certain being a female and the other two not fully showing yet. (so won't be extremely heartbroken chopping this guy if I have to) Thanks in advance for any information shared
  8. This is awesome. Congrats on the launch!
  9. Hey guys, Anyone clued up as to what spider this may be as well as if it's a major threat to my plants? Often when checking on them I see one jumping around on the plant. Haven't noticed any feeding marks, but have seen some webs across plants. So I just want to know if I need to keep trying to get rid of it / them or if I can let them be happy on my plant and possibly be protecting it? Thanks for any info.
  10. Just wondering what the general consensus is regarding leaves which are damaged. Be it light burn from an indoor grow, nutrient burn or leaves partially eaten by bugs outside. Would it be better to keep the leaves on the plant, or cut them off? I've seen basic arguments for each: Keeping Leaves: Allows the plant to use the 'nutrients' from the dying leaf or partially still use it for light absorption. Cut Leaves: Stops the plant using energy and nutrients to try and repair the leaf. What's your view on this?
  11. Thanks guys, might do 2 seedlings in each to find out which I prefer
  12. Not planning on a cup grow no, just the first few weeks as you mentioned. Was just wondering if there's any advantages of cups vs those small black seedling trays.
  13. Hey guys, Was just wondering should I use polystyrene cups or those small black seedling trays for my germinating seeds? I'll be growing outdoors (mainly out of interest of the hobby) I started my last one in the seedling tray, worked fine until I messed up with feeding etc. a few weeks into growing. So was just wondering if the deeper polystyrene cups would be better (obviously would put some drainage wholes in the bottom) Any advice, concerns or suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  14. I know Grow Guru will be sending out promo codes for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you need to sign up for their news letter.
  15. Quite interesting, keen to see this one grow out.
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