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@RuanStix Sup man... The order took 2 weeks. we order a lot from Amazon and delivery is always ahead of estimated delivery. Have the light just under 3 months, no broken LED's ... Am currently in week 8 flowering waiting for 20% amber trichomes, see pic below and judge for yourself. 😉  Think not bad for first time grow.



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@RuanStix @RuanStix Bag seed lol .....The one in the image am sure is mostly Sativa, they say don't grow it inside but so far she has had no issues and buds looking nice and her clones are doing even better. other one also bag seeds had a label on it "Peach Hybrid"... not sure how reliable, buds not compact but trichomes looking crazy frosty.

Yes am using nutes, guess you referring to flushing them in the last week or so... read a few articles on flushing and I don't see any reason to do this.

"Sorry, I'm bombarding you with questions." Don't be.. that why we join forms. 🙂

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37 minutes ago, SkunkPharm said:

When growing under LEDs I find that the pistils are not always a good sign of maturation. Looking at the trichomes is the best way.

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You should kinda always look at the trichomes regardless of light.

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I bought smart body scales in an online store. Before that, I bought a smart scale three times in different places and broke it each time. You can look here: https://ww.vont.com/product/smart-scale-bathroom-scale-weightscale/ . Among their assortment, I saw LED tape at a good price. I can’t say it’s quality, but the rest of the merchandise in this store is of very good quality. I advise you not to buy a cheap LED on Aliexpress or Amazon. Cheap LED looks so terrible that you can lose your sight. Lol. Please don’t skimp on it.

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