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  1. I bought smart body scales in an online store. Before that, I bought a smart scale three times in different places and broke it each time. You can look here: https://ww.vont.com/product/smart-scale-bathroom-scale-weightscale/ . Among their assortment, I saw LED tape at a good price. I can’t say it’s quality, but the rest of the merchandise in this store is of very good quality. I advise you not to buy a cheap LED on Aliexpress or Amazon. Cheap LED looks so terrible that you can lose your sight. Lol. Please don’t skimp on it.
  2. What do you think about the Annual 420 Event this year? I hope it won't be canceled because of Covid. I've never been there, but it would be interesting to feel this magical atmosphere. I've heard that they use lighting for weddings and it adds mystery to the music and dance. I hope it wouldn't disappoint me. The last time I was at a Hugh Laurie concert in Glasgow, I was fascinated. The musical performance at the concert was outstanding. When Hugh and his band took the stage, he immediately set the tone for the evening, joking with a whiskey in his hand. He's a brilliant musician and without a doubt, this is much more than a role in Dr. House.
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