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  1. Hey guys, So my site has been getting a lot of traffic from people Googling about buying cannabis seeds. People seem to especially be Googling "Can I buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa" and "How to buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa". I'm literally getting hundreds of visitors a day. I've only ever purchased cannabis seeds when I was in Amsterdam, so I have very little experience dealing with online seed banks. I was thinking though that I might be able to make some legal money with a seed bank affiliate program. I've looked around and found a few cannabis seed affiliate programs, but I was wondering if anyone on here has any experience with any cannabis seed affiliate programs? Ultimately I was looking for an affiliate program that offers the following: 20% affiliate commision Monthly payment via PayPal A seed bank with good service and track record. I'm not looking to profit on screwing people out of their hard earned money Hope you guys can help.
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    Hello en goeie dagga

    I've grown some in the past and seeing as the ConCourt judgment's timing is perfect for growing outdoor in SA, I'll be getting some seeds in the ground.
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    Hello en goeie dagga

    Thanks for the follow dude!
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    Hello en goeie dagga

    Hi folks, I'm Stix. Actually, create a profile on 420SA a while ago, but I've mostly been a lurker. Thought I would take the time to introduce myself as I plan on being less of a lurker in future. I own and operate a website called gevaaalik.com. For the last couple of years, I've been one of the few Afrikaans online publications that will speak about weed. I've also created informational pieces on the laws regarding weed in South Africa, cannabis oil. I've been getting a lot of cannabis-related traffic these days from people Googling things like "cannabis oil", "dagga olie" and "cannabis seeds South Africa" and with this traffic there has been a lot of questions. Great to see the perceptions on weed changing. Anyway, nice to mee all of you and looking forward to posting more on 420SA Kind regards, Stix
  5. Totemic[/member]: Thanks, I'll do that. But I actually want to speak to someone who has used or purchased Cibidol CBD oil, and I also want to know what the legality is around selling that stuff online because I've seen a few online retailers in SA selling it. So if there is anyone who has experience with that type of cannabis CBD oil, please give me a shout?
  6. Hi guys, New to the forum, but I want some feedback. I run my own website and recently I did a piece about cannabis oil. It's actually just a translation of an Afrikaans version that I did, because there is very little info on dagga olie in Afrikaans. It's an informational piece with the idea for the piece to keep growing and getting updated. Here is where I need some help: I've never used CBD oil, but it has been brought to my attention that CBD cannabis oil is for sale in South Africa through various websites. I obviously have no experience using the oil, so I was wondering if anyone on here has used the CBD only oil and can answer a few questions for me. Also I want to speak to the legality of it, are these CBD cannabis oils that are being sold online legal? A lot of Afrikaans people are starting to seek info on dagga olie and I would love to have a resource online that can at least guide them in some way concerning the subject at hand. If there is anyone willing to help, please let me know. Highest regards, Ruan Stix Fourie