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    Bag seed- Sativa dominant
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    Any that makes me stoned
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    100cm X 100cm Veg room(Mars Hydro LED and 2x flood lights) & 150cm X 100cm Flower room (bestva 1500W led and 2 flood lights...45L reservoir each their own air pump.3X 15cm USB fans :-)
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  1. https://consciouslifenews.com/am-i-stoned-app-enables-users-to-track-how-high-they-are/11153878/#

    Technology amazes me everyday, now my body does not need to tell me if I am stoned, there an app for it. Dream come true!

  2. Maybe to be on the safe side.. flush your medium properly and add fresh nutrients. When my leaves fall off they are NOT yellow. see below pics btw nice bushy girls man! Right is week 6 flowering & left is week 1 flowering My leaves kinda turn dull dry out and fall off.
  3. I would love a "I am baked" icon
  4. CleanGreen

    Any fisherman?

    Get one of these... you can grow in them to!
  5. CleanGreen

    Any fisherman?

    Great White Shark i hope!
  6. CleanGreen

    Any fisherman?

    You reckon you will find a fishing buddy in a stoner forum?
  7. Hey man, Yes that will work. I have a Mars Hydro 90W, but only 45W with vegetative light on only. The only issue is surface area, the light hangs about 30-40cm above the canopy, so the light coverage area is not that wide. My solution was to add 50W led flood light.. got mine on a special for R200
  8. I can confirm this... by week 8 flowering more as half of my leaves have fallen off.
  9. Yes man looking good.... One tip I have experienced with this setup is that those pots are to small, the plant will keep on falling when bigger. Get the 12' pots.
  10. Stage 4 load shedding.... the stress of an indoor grower!!!! 


  11. Grow tents are overrated, some wood and panda plastic does the trick!
  12. @RuanStix @RuanStix Bag seed lol .....The one in the image am sure is mostly Sativa, they say don't grow it inside but so far she has had no issues and buds looking nice and her clones are doing even better. other one also bag seeds had a label on it "Peach Hybrid"... not sure how reliable, buds not compact but trichomes looking crazy frosty. Yes am using nutes, guess you referring to flushing them in the last week or so... read a few articles on flushing and I don't see any reason to do this. "Sorry, I'm bombarding you with questions." Don't be.. that why we join forms. 🙂
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