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    S.T.U.N. Shear Total utter neglect
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    Black D OG, Sunset sherbet, Slumtown Dank
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    Indoors and Outdoors
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  1. I'm thinking of posting the weird, insane shit that goes on in my head when im stoned on this page. Dont know how often I will post 😅 but there are some strange tales going on inside this brain of mine when im stoned. 

    1. Weskush


      How would you manage to articulate an unknown dialect only recognized by yourself?

    2. Ill_Evan



    3. Khakibos
  2. Can you elaborate on what you mean by saying "It starts becoming less successful when you start trying to use our land races". I have been growing for 2 years now and I want to start playing around with breeding.
  3. 1322428514_20210426_1714331.thumb.jpg.8d7b14d879a76e53bce1e1eb4e0f66e9.jpg1322428514_20210426_1714331.thumb.jpg.8d7b14d879a76e53bce1e1eb4e0f66e9.jpgWas gifted some White Widow

    seed crossed in the Transkei. She has a distinct orange fizz and massive colas. Wish I could have left her to keep maturing. We were hit with a bad wind that blew her to the ground. I had no choice but to give Eleanor the early chop. 

    1. Twix Aphen

      Twix Aphen

      Eleanor looks like she was a big lovely girl. Enjoy your smoke.

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