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  1. Wooooohooooo!!! Well done guys! Today is a good day indeed!
  2. Well done Justin! So glad I personally know a man like this, full of knowledge!
  3. Only one way to learn. How long have you been growing HB? Going for 2 years now. But only completed about 2 out of my 5 different grows, also 2 years isnt exactly qualifiying as YEARS ago...lol
  4. Years ago when I started growing, I was happy with results like this. Any bit of bud and sugar leaves would do. Now that I've seen the potential of a plant fed with the correct ingredients, I can see how much of a bigger harvest you couldve had with this grow. Having said that, Im still after a soil mix that doesnt need any additional nutrients added except for watering with Seaweed extract - I've seen Youtube grow, CaliGreen grow like that, so I know its possible.
  5. Been busy! Just had a baby, some house renovations etc. Will PM you! Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  6. Love the mudball Idea. Please can we chose a day and do this nationally?
  7. Would be keen to see some pictures of your setup.
  8. Awe! CerealKilla whats happening mabru! Interested to see the power of these LEDs!
  9. What a great day! Aside from the Zuma/Gupta saga - I am happy for our country!
  10. Man its great to be back! Well done @Toby for representing us aswell as the growers community and those in support of the legalization of the plant! Looking forwatd to the positive out of this. As someone said earlier, regardless of the outcome, growers will still grow!
  11. Blazed, you should be able to find everything you need here. Also you can grow in almost any controlled space you want...
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