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  1. just for interest sake i used red mite pesticide thats meant for roses on my last grow and it worked like a bomb for those pesty buggers.
  2. oh and as for airflow, I have two pc server fans blowing over them and one as a duct fan. They a lot better then your normal pc fans.
  3. here are some update pics for those interested. 3 of the plants are growing fast and strong while the other three are growing a bit slower. I started nutes about a week or two ago and since then they have been booming. In the last week some have grown dbl in there size.
  4. Mind if i ask why? Cause i only water the soil when it feels dry. About two knuckles deep..
  5. Lets see and try over.. Guess my crappy attitude come from the intro page that has been sorted out.. So my apologies about my crappy attitude.. Well current lighting is 4x 85w 6400k cfl's kept roughly 2-3 inches away. I have 3 server fans blowing between the bulbs and plants.. As for reflectors im using those silver dashboard screens around the sides of my cubbaord inside.. As for the two pots that have two seedlings in, well the two seedlings seemed to be dyimg so i decided to transplant two new ones in there but now it looks like they pullimg through but also on barely. Im still watering with normal h20 but thinking about maybe adding nutes as 3 seedlings are already at there 4th internodes... Um yeah guess thays the just of things.. Anything i missed out or that anyone would like to know?
  6. Nice i would love to see your setup and also what strain you growing?
  7. Oh im sorry, so having your plants under cfl doesnt warrant any response or feedback.. Sorry for my inferior setup or growing technique.. Once again so much for trying local and supporting local sites...
  8. This site is definitely dead , back to internstional sites: so much for supporting local sites..
  9. Well um okay, maybe check out my cabinet grow
  10. Just me or is this a dead site?
  11. MIm so im busy with my second grow in a home build stealth grow cabinet.. I have current 6 thunderpaws seedlings thrown under 340w of 6400k cfl light. My grow cabinet is split into two capartments. One for veg and one for flowering.. Im atill working on the flowering side where i will be using a mix of 2700k cfl and warmwhite led strips.. So far everything is looking good.. I will also be applying lst and a scrog setup whem i move them over to flowering.. I have another 2-3 weeks left in vegs and swapping them over to the flowering side.. Seeds are all normal so i hope to get at least 3-4 of females out the batch.. They are in normal potting soil with a mix of perlite and vermiculite... Current only feeding plain h2o till they a bit bigger for nute.. What you guys things.. Any help or input? Thanks
  12. Hey everyone... New here, obviously.. Well im a long time smoker and also a nood grower.. Im busy growing my second try.. First one was not so successful but so we learn.. Hope to learn and get some valuable info Thanks for any inputs and advice in advance
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