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  1. Make your own topic, people will help, but surely you know what you doing if you growing mothers and cloning 50 plants?
  2. FastBuds Blackberry Auto. She's 28 days today. Just been given Cal-Mag, I use a teaspoon per 10L. Will give her BioBizz Bloom once she starts flowering.
  3. Yea, at least nothing but Cal-Mag for the first 30-40 days, then you can add BioBizz Grow. I would say to use 20L pots.
  4. Welcome. I would suggest not doing anything to the auto if you only running 2 plants and will have no space issues. What I would recommend however, is to only grow branches from the main stem, no branches from branches. Just germinate and plant to a nice soil. This will also mean you don't have to worry about nutrients much. I run autos in Freedom Farms, one of them is 1 month old and I have given zero nutrients so far, except a little Cal-Mag powder which also contains a slight amount of Nitrogen.
  5. I'd say curing is easier than drying. Especially when you just drop in a Boveda.
  6. http://www.702.co.za/podcasts/201/the-best-of-the-money-show/254424/cbd-oil-products-launching-countrywide-in-clicks-and-dischem https://elixinol.com/
  7. Anyone heard or know anything about if the average person will be able to legally sell herbs in the near future, like to your friends or neighbors? Who will supply dispensaries?
  8. Strain/pheno specific but yes. Ruderalis need no darkness to perform their duties, I run mine 24/0 from seedling to harvest (places do get natural 24h days), which could explain why it may seem faster. So 30 days of 24/0 flowering = 720 hours of light as opposed to a photo being 12/12 for 30 days = 360 hours of light. As an example, I had one veg for 30 days and was ready to harvest at day 70. EDIT : My Blue Cheese I just moved into darkness was the same. 30 veg and moved her on day 70.
  9. According to Mars website, the light will cover the whole tent. https://www.mars-hydro.com/buy-mars-ii-1600-led-grow-lights-great-for-professinal-medical-plants-grower-veg-flowering-switches-good-for-veg-and-floweing-both-stage-for-sale Coverage: Veg: 5 x 5 (150 x 150cm) Bloom: 4.5 x4.5 (135 x 135cm) As for how many, It depends on what you want to do, Christmas trees or a flat canopy or less plants and more training, more plants less training. In my 1m x 1m I am currently doing 7. I would say do more than 4 at least.
  10. What school is this?
  11. I had some weird leaves as well. Page 2 - Pineapple Express and Blue Cheese was from Barney's.
  12. AcidAlice


    Found it. Mr ganjamoto. https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/the-auto-ultimate-showcase-grow-party-dwc-with-dutch-pro-nutrients.26458/page-16 EDIT: Check page 18
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