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  1. Really glad it went to a good home 😊
  2. I'm open to offers, apologies for the incredibly late reply. PM if interested.
  3. Letting it go as I have quit for personal reasons. Only light use marks. Price drop!!! R350
  4. Well sir, I could use some of the forums collective wisdom on this grow, haha😊
  5. A thread for what you wish you knew. I thought this could become a good resource for the young seedlings like me.
  6. Thank all so very much for the input, keep it coming, please 😍 I am so excited, i cannot wait for the seeds to arrive. So i'm going with the seed starter mix and no nutes.
  7. I have gotten some Seedstarter ( Freedom Farms), Pots and trays and some Mycoroot. From here I want to go to 50/50 with Nutes, which nutes I do not know.
  8. I think the coco perlite route is it. As you rightly said, currently I am learning rather a lot. she looks lovely mate! I hope for plants as healthy.
  9. You'd suggest no nutrients either, for the CBD auto? The pack of Sugar Breath comes with more than one seed, I may germinate a few just incase one dies. So it may be a plant or two more. Freedom farms>Atami?
  10. A I am honestly not sure. I like the idea of the coco and perlite though. What of "Feeding'' nutes from the top of the soil with powdered nutes (https://hydroponic.co.za/hydroponics/green-house-powder-feeding-grow/)?
  11. Lovely idea! I am very new to growing, so All of this advice is amazingly helpful, Thank you!
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