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  1. Hope she will do you good champ, thanks for the sale!
  2. Selling so cheap as I became addicted and just want all the reminders and temptations gone. selling for R500 to just recuperate some of the cost, but if someone doesn't take it it will be PIFfed. Doesn't have remote but doesn't require it to be used. Not including bags, because of the covid risk. But it uses big oven bags available at grocery stores. Someone please take it off my hands
  3. I'm open to offers, apologies for the incredibly late reply. PM if interested.
  4. Letting it go as I have quit for personal reasons. Only light use marks. Price drop!!! R350
  5. Well sir, I could use some of the forums collective wisdom on this grow, haha😊
  6. A thread for what you wish you knew. I thought this could become a good resource for the young seedlings like me.
  7. Thank all so very much for the input, keep it coming, please 😍 I am so excited, i cannot wait for the seeds to arrive. So i'm going with the seed starter mix and no nutes.
  8. I have gotten some Seedstarter ( Freedom Farms), Pots and trays and some Mycoroot. From here I want to go to 50/50 with Nutes, which nutes I do not know.
  9. I think the coco perlite route is it. As you rightly said, currently I am learning rather a lot. she looks lovely mate! I hope for plants as healthy.
  10. You'd suggest no nutrients either, for the CBD auto? The pack of Sugar Breath comes with more than one seed, I may germinate a few just incase one dies. So it may be a plant or two more. Freedom farms>Atami?
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